September 17, 2016 | Heather Burke: Danios

Heather-BurkeHeather Burke is a 24-year-old aquarist from Lansing, Michigan. She has kept and bred fish for most of her young life and harbors a keen interest and passion for the aquarium hobby. She has been active in aquarium societies since the age of 14 and has witnessed some 40 spawns of freshwater fish and invertebrates spanning two clubs. Heather currently associates with the Grand Valley Aquarium Club most prominently. Her interests in fish are broad and range from nano species of cyprinids to wild-type livebearing fishes and dwarf cichlids. This May she graduated from the Michigan State University with a BA in Fisheries and Wildlife. She will soon be starting a new job with the University Of Michigan maintaining a zebrafish research lab.


Heather’s talk is entitled: “Danios and Danionins: The appreciation and breeding of small cyprinids”
The past decade has been an exciting one for die-hard danio enthusiasts, as more species of danios have become available in the hobby. This talk highlights some of the new and interesting species along with offering discussion on general care and breeding. Select species of other small cyprinids will also be discussed along with firsthand accounts of reproduction. Sample of featured species: Danio aesculapii, Celestichthys margaritatus, C. erythromicron, C. choprae, Danio tinwini, and Barbus hulstaerti.