Project Description

Breeding Tetraodon schoutedni – The Spotted Congo Puffer

Preston John is a tropical fish hobbyist and expert at keeping, spawning, and raising the African freshwater pufferfish Tetraodon schoutedeni, aka the Spotted Congo Puffer, along with the live foods that are required to be successful.

Preston appeared on The Aquarist Podcast and many other YouTube channels, where he openly shared his successes and failures. Preston spends hours each day working one-on-one with both new and expert hobbyists worldwide to help create or troubleshoot their spawning of this amazing pufferfish.

From his garage fishroom in Mesa, Arizona, Preston has raised over 2,300 Tetraodon schoutedeni along with many other tropical fish species. Two exciting projects Preston is working on are: 1) raising F2 albino T. schoutedeni, and 2) attempting to spawn another African freshwater pufferfish, Tetraodon duboisi.