Project Description

A handy guide to raising and selling tropical fish and aquarium products from hobbyist to
professional. Tips on what fish are best to make a profit on, what supplies you will need, where to sell
your fish, and how to market. Basic overview of the aquarium market and some industry challenges.
Advice for those just wanting to get rid of extra fish to those looking to start a career in the aquarium

Andy Hudson is a fellow fish geek from Mukwonago, WI. He has worked in the aquarium industry for 32 years in all aspects from large to small retail stores, tropical fish farms, and currently works in R&D for Central Specialty
Pet (Aqueon) where he has been for the last 13 years. He currently maintains a home fish room of 35 aquariums where he keeps and breeds many different varieties of mainly Geophagus, tetras, and catfish. He has been active in many different aquarium societies over the years but is currently active in the ACA and Milwaukee Aquarium Society where he is the current treasurer and
recently received his Ultimate Level Breeder award.