Project Description

Chris Lukhaup, well-known as bassplayer for the band ‚Atrocity and “Leaves Eyes” studio musician for many other bands, has produced lots of CDs and videoclips for MTV and Viva and has performed in almost 2,000 gigs around the world and at most of the big festivals. During and after his musical carrer he started with keeping and breeding crayfish, and was soon fascinated by other freshwater invertebrates, too. Wanting to find out more about the animals in his tank he started visiting their habitats in the wild, too.

He also started taking photos of freshwater invertebrates for magazines and journals in all the world, and he has written a great deal of articles about these fascinating animals, too; amongst them over 150 cover stories for all the important magazines. Moreover, he has authored and coauthored many books about crayfish, freshwater shrimp, freshwater snails,aquascaping and the aquatic hobby in general, all of which total in around 300 publications up to now.

Chris Lukhaup has been made research associate for the Museum Leiden in the Netherlands, section of invertebrate zoology, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh /USA, the Humboldt Museum in Berlin/Germany, and he has authored and co-authored the scientific descriptions for quite a few freshwater invertebrates.

Moreover, he has organized and taken part in more then 40 collecting trips and expeditions to South America, Australia, Europe, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Papua, Sulawesi and other parts of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and many other countries in order to find out more about invertebrates in their natural habitats, and to find new plant species for aquaria.

Many of his photos are now on beautiful posters on the subject of freshwater invertebrates, too, some of them for Fish and Game Division/USA, and many more for the aquarium trade. Chris Lukhaup has also been working as a consultor for the aquarium industry for many years, and his knowledge and insight is highly appreciated by manufacturers and customers alike. Chris is working as a Creative Director for the german company Dennerle since May 2014.