November 21, 2015 | Jeff Anderson: Jeff & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in Peru

jeffaJeff was born out of state on an Army base, but is basically a Madison, WI native. Like many others, his first fish was a goldfish won with a lucky ping pong ball toss. Soon after came zebra danios, neon tetras and whatever else the meager allowance of the day could manage. After fledgling the childhood nest, bettas, piranhas and channel catfish, oh my! Having at least one tank up and running for over 30 years (usually more) lessons have been learned with varying degrees of success.
Joining the MAAH after a killie soiree at Ted Judy’s has been what he had been looking for. A home base to swap info and BS about those critters in the glass cages. Then talk of the fish’s home base. A trip! So, we flew to Peru!!!