January 16, 2016 |  John Roberts : Dart Frogs

John Roberts is one of the founding members of our club. He came to the club after a number of years of participation in the Madison Aquatic Gardeners Club. Known in both clubs for the quality of his plants and fish, John drifted away for awhile about 5 years ago when he became interested in Dart Frogs.

DSC_0010 matechoHis day job is union painter for the Madison schools. He has been keeping tropical fish since the age of 12. He got involved with frogs through a friend who now runs a frog research station in Madagascar.

His presentation will cover where the frogs are from in the wild, his experience with them, then general care, and how to build a proper vivarium to house them. He has also indicated he will bring some frogs along if there is interest in seeing them and he has frogs for sale if there is interest.