Doug Sweet’s program will be “Spawning Anguilliform (eel shaped) Loaches or Not!” A narrative of forty years of breeding (mostly not breeding) anguilliform loaches with hormone injections and modified Frank Kirschbaum techniques. Plus a discussion of general loach functional anatomy, physiology of using hormone injections for spawning fish, and how Frank Kirschbaum used his methods to spawn many infrequently spawned captive fishes. If time allows a patented method for the production of clown loaches can be discussed as well.

Doug has been a fish hobbyist for 45 years. He started with a goldfish bowl, then a ten-gallon tank, a dozen tanks, and finally culminating in 42 fish tanks in a “fish room” at his previous residence. Doug is most fond of domesticated fishes such as Siamese fighting fish and fancy goldfish. He also has a long term passion for finding the spawning triggers of kuhli loaches.