Executive Board

Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists is governed by an Executive Board (EB) as laid out in our bylaws.  The EB is comprised of seven elected members.  Each member serves a two-year term.  Three members are elected in odd-numbered years and four members are elected in even-numbered years.  Elections are held in May and terms begin in July.


The EB chooses who from their board will serve officers for the year (July to June).  The offices are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms.  Each officer serves one year in that position.  There are no term limits in MAAH.

2019/2020 EB Members
President Dan Randall
Vice President Megan McGuire
Treasurer Sarah Sajdak
Secretary Diana Peterson
Sergeant at Arms Pat Messer
Members at Large Ted Judy
Logan Zimmerman

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board (AB) consists of all committee chairs who are not on the EB and outgoing board members.  The Advisory Board members can bring action items to the EB agenda and participate in discussion, but they cannot vote on the issues.

Randy Peterson (Website Chair)
Steve Suchon (BAP Chair)
Scott Wiersema (Outgoing board member)
Nicholas Lager (Outgoing board member)
Sean Stake (Outgoing board member)
Keith Strade (GARP Chair)

Board Meetings

The EB meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend.  The members of the EB and AB are expected to attend the board meetings.  Board meetings are at 11 am before the general meetings at the meeting location.


Elections are held at the general meeting in May.  Nominations for board elections begin in April.  Anyone may nominate themselves, or can be nominated by another person (no person will be added to the ballot without confirmation beforehand).


Chair: Dan Randall
Members: Diana Peterson

Chair: Ted Judy
Members: Dan Randall, Megan McGuire

Chair: Randy Peterson
Members: Megan McGuire

Chair: Diana Peterson
Members: Sean Stake, Dan Randall

Chair: Steve Suchon
Members: Sean Stake, Randy Peterson

Chair: Sean Stake
Members: Steve Suchon

Chair: Keith Strade
Members: Randy Peterson, Sean Stake

Chair: (Open)

Catfish Cataclysm Event:
Chair: Megan McGuire
Members: Randy Peterson, Ted Judy, Sarah Sajdak, Dan Randall, Dianna Peterson, Scott Wiersema, Randy Peterson

Garden Expo Aquascaping Event:
Chair: Ted Judy
Members: Megan McGuire

Bylaws Review Committee
Chair: Randy Peterson