Breeder Award Program (BAP)

The MAAH Breeder Award Program promotes the captive breeding of fish and invertebrates. Participants strive to reproduce animals in their care, and when they are successful they submit the spawns to the club for verification. Each species is worth points, with more difficult species being given a higher value. The club maintains records of the participant’s spawns and recognizes each person when they reach specific milestones on their way to being an MAAH Ultimate Breeder.


  • The MAAH BAP year is from August 1 – June 30
    • Annual awards are given out at the annual Summer picnic in July.
    • For a full description of the MAAH BAP program, please click the rules button below.
  • BAP points are cumulative and will act as a record of accomplishment for each participant.
  • Each year the club will recognize some outstanding participants
    • Breeder of the Year (BOY) award for 20 tanks and under
    • Breeder of the Year (BOY) award for 21 tanks and over
  • Effective January 2017 – Species that have not been spawned in the club previously have no established point value.
    • It is the responsiblity of the member who first spawns a species to request a class A, B, C, or D
    • BAP chair(s) will decide on final class.
    • Species that have been spawned in the club previously are awarded the class previously assigned unless the member sucessfully argues for a change to the class.

BAP Levels

Junior 30 0 Certificate
Senior 60 0 Certificate
Advanced 120 1 Certificate
Expert 180 2 Certificate
Master 240 4 Plaque
Grand Master 1 350 7 Plaque Plate
Grand Master 2 500 11 Plaque Plate
Grand Master 3 750 16 Plaque Plate
Grand Master 4 1000 22 Plaque Plate
Ultimate Breeder 1500 120 C/D Points – Plus Target Fish Special Award

BAP Contacts

Steven SuchonBreeder Award Program Chair
Please contact Steven if you’d like to learn more about the MAAH BAP Program.
Marcus WeesnerBreeder Award Program Chair
Please contact Marcus if you’d like to learn more about the MAAH BAP Program.
MAAH BAP Rules 2017
Current BAP Standings

BAP Submission Form

  • Drop files here or
  • I maintain:
  • Groups include:
    Other: list under group
  • By signing, you agree that all requirements as outlined in the Breeder's Award Program rules "Verification Criteria" have been met. Points will be awarded tonce the BAP chairman or committee confirms these criteria.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Member BAP Levels


Ted Judy

Grand Master Level 4

Michael Laursen
Pat Messer
Randy Peterson
Steven Suchon

Grand Master Level 3


Grand Master Level 2

Sarah Sajdak

Grand Master Level 1

Jeff Anderson
Todd Hanson
Diana Peterson
Baylee & Marcus Weesner
Scott Wiersema

Master Breeder

Ben Abendroth
Chris Berns
Ben & Dawn Corda
Eric Schoville
Sharon & Kevin Page
Sean Stake
David Yoder


Dusty & Tera Fletcher
Brendan Weesner


Megan McGuire
Dan Randall


Cassandra Bragg
Chris Hahn
Jerry Helgestad
John Lambing
Keith Strade
Donny Xiong
Logan Zimmerman


Steve & Rose Benson
Todd Fairbanks
Michael Fink
Elise Gorchels
Richard Kellman
Lisa Risberg
Brent Severson
Sai Thor