April 16, 2016| Anthony Tu: Keeping Synodontis of Lake Tanganyika (3D experience)

cache_2815931804Anthony Tu is a graduate of San Jose State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  He has been involved withthe tropical fish hobby more than 30 years. At
twelve years of age, he started to breed beta fish, which he received as a gift from a neighbor’s pond in SouthEast Asia. His passion for African Cichlids began in 1995 when he joined hislocal fish club, the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association (PCCA). He has also been a member of the American Cichlid Association since 2000. He has specialized in the keeping and breeding of Cyphotilapia.

He currently maintains more than 12 variants of Cyphotilapia. In April 2008, he was awarded as a Master Breeder from the PCCA,his local fish club. Anthony is an international speaker.  He has given many talks at major fish clubs throughout the United States, Mexico and Asia, recently at Aquarama 2015 inSingapore .   All his lectures use the latest technology such as: PowerPoint, 3Dvideo clips, and high definition pictures, all taken by him.

Anthony recently had a record spawn of Synodontis petricola catfish,  987 fry reached what looked like one inch in the video he had posted on his web site.  So I contacted him to ask if he could do a talk on breeding them.  He did not think there was enough material there for a full talk so he is going to talk about Lake Tanganyika Catfish in general with a focus on general care and feeding and then a focus on breeding synodontis multipunctatus, synodontis poli, and Synodontis petricola.