December | Holiday Party

November 17, 2018 | Joe Cutler | West Africa Travel & Ichthyology

Joe Cutler studies freshwater fishes in Central Africa. Over the past few years, Joe has conducted a number of sampling expeditions in Cameroon and Gabon, and collected thousands of fish specimen representing over 400 species, including at least 12 undescribed species. He uses these data to understand the distribution of freshwater biodiversity in these countries and identify biological hotspots in need of conservation. In Cameroon, Joe focuses on cataloging freshwater biodiversity in the volcanic crater lakes and particularly on endemic fishes. He is using this data to develop conservation strategies for the individual lake systems. In Gabon, Joe is partnering with The Nature Conservancy and the Gabonese government, and has been working to create a fish-friendly hydroelectric blue-print that will fit in Gabon’s 2020 development plan. Joe am currently a National Geographic Young Explorer, and contractor at The Nature Conservancy.

October 20, 2018 | Milwaukee Aquarium Society Fish Bowl

September 15, 2018 | TBDAugust 18, 2018 | Jen Williams | Aquascaping

Jen got her first tank when she was seven and went through the appropriate array of guppies, barbs and tetras through to her first encounter with keeping Cichlids when she was in high school. Years later, a craigslist ad she posted stating “Firemouth Cichlids, bring a net and a bucket”, introduced her to something she wasn’t expecting. In her living room was a formidable former Army Lieutenant filling his bucket with fish, and telling her all about local fish clubs and planted tanks. Armed with a healthy dose of curiosity at what kind of characters would be at a fish club meeting, she attended her first Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association (GWAPA) gathering and was completely hooked. Serving on the Board in several positions (including President) she has also enjoyed participating in events with the other local clubs and the true friendships she has made in this hobby. She currently additionally sit on the board for the Aquatic Gardeners’ Association (AGA). To date, she has a stack of ribbons from aquascaping contests, including most recently a repeat win at the 2015 Aquatic Experience/AGA Aquascaping Live! Invitational Competition in Chicago, IL for her 75 gallon entry collaboration with Rachel O’Leary and her daughters. She is also an avid fan of Blue-eyed Rainbowfish (specifically Pseudomugil) and enjoys keeping and breeding them with the rest of her eclectic assortment of fish. To pay the electric and water bills that accompany all of the assorted gallons of aquatic madness, she works as a Graphic Designer. She also enjoy fast cars as a former professional drag racer and purring cats as a long-time volunteer/rescuer with the 4Paws Rescue Team.

July 21, 2018 | Picnic

June 16, 2018 | Anton Lamboj: West African Cichlids

Anton has been an aquarist since the age of ten. Around 1980, he began to take a special interest in the cichlids of West and Central Africa. This interest eventually led, in 1988, to the beginning of his academic education at the University of Vienna, an undertaking made while continuing to work full-time. He was awarded his Master’s degree in 1993 and his Ph.D. in 1997; both works were focused on the systematics of West African cichlids.

In addition to his “day” job, Anton Lamboj has worked as a lecturer at the University of Vienna since 1998. He teaches general biology of fishes, with the biology of perciform fishes as a more specialized goal, as well as instructing on didactics. Additionally, he works on the systematics and evolutionary biology of chromidotilapiine cichlids using morphological and anatomical methods, coupled with ethological studies and molecular methods.

Over the years, Anton Lamboj has made 13 field/collecting trips to Africa. In his works he has collaborated with several leading scientific institutions (e.g., the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Musée Royal de l’Afrique Central in Tervuren). He has authored over 100 papers (both academic and hobbyist) in six languages, including two books. The above accomplishments, coupled with the numerous presentations he has made in various countries, are indications of his scientific and aquaristic competence when discussing western African cichlids.

May 19, 2018 | Matt Schauer | K.I.S.S. Corydoras

Matt was born and raised in Central Wisconsin. When he was a child his parents owned a small shop in Mequon focusing primarily on freshwater tropical fish and exotic birds. They had 72 tanks in the store and another half-dozen at home. They left the business when he was 8 but some of the knowledge stuck with him. In ’06 he was given his first tank, a 75 gallon, by a friend whose former roommate had left it behind. At the age of 26 his passion began.

The intent was a nice looking planted community tank. Within a few months of its setup; the breeding of Badis badis, Corydoras paleatus and Nomorhamphus liemi (Celebese Halfbeak), quickly had it cluttered with fry boxes and breeder baskets. It wasn’t long before a few more tanks were added. He tapered off at 5 tanks until he moved from Wisconsin to Northern Illinois in 2008.

In a new town with few friends he had little better to do than sit online shopping for new tanks and fish to play with. Matt’s love for Silruiforms started early during his fish keeping when he saw his first Royal Whiptail for sale at a local shop. Before that he was not familiar with anything but common plecos and corys with the occasional synodontis or other basic species being offered. This peaked his curiosity and he began scouring the internet astounded at all the species that existed.

In 2010, with a catfish collection of less than 10 species, he attended the All Aquarium Catfish Convention. He had loads of fun, learned a lot,

and met some great people. Matt then started collecting many species; but due to space constraints, focused on the Callichthyidae and the Loricariidae types that remain small.

By 2011 he had acquired quite the collection and launched a website. Even then he would have never thought he would be attending subsequent Catcons with a healthy supply of tank raised fish to sell and trade.

Matt is currently running near 100 tanks, his main focus being Catfish. He is keeping more than 70 species of catfish and has been successful with more than 45 species of Corydoradinae and over 20 species of Loricariidae.

April 21, 2018 | John Lyons | Goodeids

Please join us in welcoming recent Wisconsin Academy Fellows Award winner and MAAH member Dr. John Lyon, Adjunct Curator of Fishes of the University of Wisconsin Zoological Museum, to the April meeting.  John will be presenting on the Conservation of the Mexican Goodeid Livebearers: the Critical Role of the Aquarium Hobbyist. He will talk about what the Goodeid fishes are, where they occur, the many threats to their survival in the wild, their current dire status, and the conservation efforts that are being made, with emphasis on how aquarium hobbyists can contribute through captive maintenance of rare species. John has been a fish nerd most of his life, observing, catching, and keeping fish for well over 50 years. Until he retired in 2017, John was also a fisheries research scientist and supervisor for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, where he worked for over 32 years. He originally from New York State, and came to Madison, Wisconsin, for graduate school in 1979, loved the area, and never left. He received a B.S. degree in biology from Union College in Schenectady, NY, and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all with an emphasis on the study of fish. Although interested in all fishes throughout the world, John’s specialties are the fishes of Wisconsin and the upper Midwest and the freshwater fishes of Mexico. He made 39 (and counting) scientific trips to Mexico and other parts of Latin America, working on a wide variety of species in many different habitats and locations. Currently, much of his focus has been on the conservation of Goodeid livebearers and other fishes in central Mexico. He currently maintain four species of rare Goodeids at home and at the Zoological Museum.

March 17, 2018 | Josh Weigert | Topic to be Determined

Joshua Wiegert is a well known aquarium author and speaker, having penned the “Conservation Corner” in FAMA and later AFI for many years. More recently, he is the author of the Bottom of the Tank in Tropical Fish Hobbyist. His feature articles have been included in many magazines over the years, and he has travelled throughout the US and beyond speaking at various aquarium clubs. He is best known, however, as the owner of Batfish Aquatics and is a solid fixture at large aquarium conventions. With Batfish Aquatics, he imports and sells a large variety of unusual aquarium fishes.

February 16, 2018 | Gadget Contest

January 20, 2018 | Doug Sweet | Spawning Anguilliform (eel shaped) Loaches or Not!

January 20, 2018 | Doug Sweet | Spawning Anguilliform (eel shaped) Loaches or Not! Doug Sweet’s program will be “Spawning Anguilliform (eel shaped) Loaches or Not!” A narrative of forty years of breeding (mostly not breeding) anguilliform loaches with hormone injections and modified Frank Kirschbaum techniques. Plus a discussion of general loach functional anatomy, physiology of using hormone injections for spawning fish, and how Frank Kirschbaum used his methods to spawn many infrequently spawned captive fishes. If time allows a patented method for the production of clown loaches can be discussed as well. Doug has been a fish hobbyist for 45 years. He started with a goldfish bowl, then a ten-gallon tank, a dozen tanks, and finally culminating in 42 fish tanks in a “fish room” at his previous residence. Doug is most fond of domesticated fishes such as Siamese fighting fish and fancy goldfish. He also has a long term passion for finding the spawning triggers of kuhli loaches.


December 15, 2017 | Holiday Party

Please join other MAAH members and Cataclysm volunteers in celebration of the holidays. Traditionally we have met at a member’s house that is gracious to host but this year the Executive Board has decided to spring for something special as a thank you to the people made Cataclysm possible.

This year we will be celebrating at the Goodman Community Center, 149 Waubesa Street, Madison WI. Goodman will be catering the party and will also be hosting a cash bar. The party will run from 7-9:30pm.

The menu will consist of three entree selections. Chicken and Portobello mushroom marsala, squash and tofu curry (vegan) and seasonal ratatouille (vegan), plus seasonal vegetables and wild rice pilaf.

Cake will be served for dessert.

Please RSVP with Megan McGuire at megan1967@gmail.com or to this forum thread with your party count by Thursday the 7th.

November 18, 2017 | Rick Borstein: Sixty Tips in 60 Minutes

Rick Borstein is the Webmaster of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA), President of the Chicago Livebearer Society (CLS) and President of the Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS).

Rick was the Chairman of the successful 2006 American Cichlid Association Convention held in Chicago, IL. Rick has spawned over 200 species of cichlids and is one of only twelve people to hold the title of Master Breeder in the GCCA. Rick’s basement fishroom has 36 tanks ranging in size from 5 gallons to 125 gallons. Rick is primarily interested in cichlids and live bearers.

In this talk, you’ll hear and see— in rapid fire fashion— tons of tips to make it easier, faster or more fun to manage and breed your fish. The presentation is picture-driven and offers tips on better ways to feed, change water, pack and ship fish and lots more. Some do-it-yourself projects are included. Best of all, all the tips are published in a concise PDF online for you to refer to after the talk.

October 21, 2017 | Mike Hellweg: Bettas (not Betta Splendens)

Mike has been fascinated by fishes all his life, and has had various fishes as pets since he could barely reach the top of the goldfish bowl; he has been successfully breeding and trading fish with local shops since he was 9 years old.  Over the past four decades plus he has specialized mainly in miniature fishes, and has had successful spawns from various miniature fishes totaling over 400 species from 32 families of fish.  He currently owns a small fish hatchery and maintains about 3000 gallons divided into 100 tanks.  He is the top ranked breeder of all time in the Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc. (MASI) BAP and the top ranked aquatic horticulturist of all time in MASI’s HAP with over 300 submissions from 50 families, including more than a dozen by seed.  He is an ALA Century Breeder, with over 100 species of Livebearers spawned.  He credits his success to large regular water changes, keeping live plants in every tank and culturing and feeding an assortment of live foods daily for feeding his breeding stock and for growing the fry of these diverse fish. Over the past three plus decades, Mike has given well over 325 talks to classes, clubs, groups and conventions all over the USA and Canada, has documented many of his keeping and spawning successes in over 300 articles published in hobby publications around the world, and he has had two books on live foods published by TFH Publications.

September 22-24, 2017 | Join us for Cataclysm!

August 19, 2017 | Spencer Jack: The Gymnogeophagus of Uruguay

Welcome to the dog days of summer! Take a break and join us on Saturday the 19th for the August Madison Area Aquarium Hobbyist’s meeting. We will be hosting Spencer Jack all the way from Winnipeg.


Spencer Jack has been active within the aquaria hobby since the age of five. A true “cichlidiot”, he had worked exclusively with cichlids for over twenty years. He has since expanded his horizons to include all types of tropical fish.

He now owns and operates a tropical fish wholesale business, The aFISHionados, and is an avid fishkeeper and breeder.

Spencer will be presenting on the Gymnogeophagus of Uruguay.

A closer look at the gorgeous genus of Gymnogeophagus from Uruguay. Like their Rift Lake cichlid counterparts the Gymnogeophagus species here almost all express a wide range of geographical variation and a fantastic kaleidoscope of colour varieties. This presentation will give a closer look at just the members of this genus from the country, many of which have never been imported for the hobby before.

There will be lots of fish and plants in the auction following the presentation. Also it’s the start of new BAP and GARP seasons, are you going to to work for Breeder of the Year?

Dinner and drinks with Spencer after the auction at the Hody!

July 22, 2017 | Member Picnic

June 17, 2017 | Matt Pedersen:  Rethinking Coralivores

A very brief description – “A decade ago, the marine aquarium world had written off
coral-eating fishes as doomed in captivity, a group of fishes that should be
forever left in the ocean. To attempt to keep them was painted in the most
irresponsible light possible, and vendors that supplied them were held in
contempt for doing so. No sooner than the message finally hit home that we
should not see these fishes in the trade, yet we are now perhaps finally on
the way to unlocking their husbandry secrets. Remember, conventional wisdom
often has said all sorts of things were impossible to maintain in

Matt Pedersen is currently a Sr. Editor & Associate Publisher with Reef
To Rainforest Media LLC, involved with CORAL & AMAZONAS Magazines, as well as the publication’s online presence at Reef2Rainforest.com. Originally
from Chicago, IL and currently living in Duluth, MN, USA, Matt’s
professional background is in interactive software development.
Additionally, Matt has experience as a professional orchid breeder, a part
time fly fishing guide, and certified fly rod builder.

Matt has been a marine aquarist for 30 years, and an aquarist for 35.
After spending time on every side of the aquarium industry (retail,
commercial and private maintenance & installation, wholesale, hatchery), he
currently considers himself a “”professional hobbyist””. Most recently,
Matt has currently spawned 30 species of marine fish, successfully raising
9 of them to date including one worldwide first (the Harlequin Filefish,
Oxymonacanthus longirostris), as well as attempted another 6 invertebrate
species to date. Most all of this was accomplished with less than 100
gallons of total working capacity, and all in closed culture. In 2010, Matt
Pedersen was selected as the breeder of choice to work with the now famous
“”PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish”” from the SEASMART program, and
chronicles the efforts to propagate this one-of-a-kind fish online at The
Lightning Project. In 2016, Matt launched the online retailer
MiniWaters.fish to compliment his wholesale livestock offerings (primarily
consisting of regionally produced aquacultured freshwater and saltwater
aquarium livestock).

Matt Pedersen is credited with starting MOFIB (Marine Ornamental Fish &
Invertebrate Breeder’s Association) and writing for multiple publications
including Coral, Koralle, Practical Fish Keeping, Marine Habitat, Reef
Hobbyist Magazine, Reef Builders, Reefs.com, Advanced Aquarist and more.
Matt has spoken at numerous aquarium clubs and events from coast to coast.
He currently sits on the MBI (Marine Breeding Initiative) Council, a
project dedicated to bringing the concept of a unified Marine Breeder’s
Award Program to hobbyist organizations across the country and around the
globe. In 2009, Matt was awarded “”Aquarist of the Year”” honors by both
IMAC West and MASNA in recognition of his accomplishments and contributions
to the marine aquarium hobby.

May 20, 2017 | Rob Lupton: Fresh Water Shrimp

April 15, 2017 | Gadget Contest

March  18, 2017 | Joel Antkowiak: Killifish

Joel Antkowiak
East Earl, PA
e-mail: mrkillie@comcast.net
Phone: 845-406-1917
Born on the Southside of Pittsburgh in 1962, Joel’s first brush with the organized hobby came in 1976 when he found an ad for the American Killifish Association in an old aquarium hobby magazine. Having always appreciated the beauty of these fishes from the color plates in the old “Innes book”, and not seeing them in local stores, he joined in order to acquire some. A few years later Joel found the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society, where he was a member for a few years before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh and moving out of the area. Joel is now living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where he is an active member of the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County. Joel has earned the club’s Breeder of the Year award twice, it’s “Mighty Fin Award” for most points earned in the club’s Writer’s and Artist’s Award Program during a year twice, has been honoured with the club’s Hobbyist of the Year Award, and has been selected the recipient of the club’s President’s Award twice, and was the FAAS Author of the Year for 2012. Joel is also the only member of the ACLC to be awarded the club’s annual “CARES Member of the Year” award since the ACLC joined the CARES Program in 2011. Most recently, Joel has just been honoured with lifetime membership in the ACLC for completing the highest level of the club’s Writer’s and Artist’s Award Program. Joel has maintained anywhere from a few to about 60 tanks at any one time throughout his adult life and has kept many different species of fish. He is often amazed at how some species were once very common and now seem to be non-existent despite their attractiveness and ease of care and husbandry, seemingly pushed out of the hobby by the “next great thing.”

Komments on Killiekeeping
This program is an introduction to keeping killifish and is loosely based on my column “Komments on Killiekeeping.” Some basic care and breeding information is shared, as well as some interesting – at least I think so – trivia on certain species. I also give a brief run down on some of the various groups of killifish and touch on some of the new nomenclature. There is always something new added to this program every time I present it.

February 18, 2017 | Jonathan Butkus : Native Fish

January 21, 2017 | Chris Carpenter: Shell Dwelling fish of Lake Tanganyika

Chris Carpenter has been a board member of the Grand Valley Aquarium for many years, and have recently become Vice President. He has won a awards such as Breeder of the year, Aquarist of the year, Master Breeder, and Old World Cichlid Master. He has been a serious fish keeper for 10 years focusing a great deal of his time in the hobby on the cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, particularly the Shell Dwellers.


December 2016 | Holiday Party

Nov. 19, 2016 | Aquarium Hardscaping: Kris Weinhold

Kris Weinhold grew up keeping aquariums, but really fell in love with planted aquariums several years ago, diving head-first into researching and experimenting with various plants, growing techniques, and aquascape designs. Kris is the vice-president of the Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association (GWAPA), and has published articles in The Aquatic Gardener (www.aquatic-gardeners.org). He also maintains a website/blog (www.guitarfish.org) showcasing his aquarium and nature photography, and his informative articles on aquarium keeping and aquatic plant ecology.

October 15, 2016 | Fishkeeping 101

The October meeting will be a series of short presentations.

  • Using myGroup Auctions
  • Preparing fish for bagging and shipping
  • Bagging Fish
  • Starting an aquarium, cycling dos and don’ts

September 17, 2016 | Heather Burke: Danios

Heather Burke is a 24-year-old aquarist from Lansing, Michigan. She has kept and bred fish for most of her young life and harbors a keen interest and passion for the aquarium hobby. She has been active in aquarium societies since the age of 14 and has witnessed some 40 spawns of freshwater fish and invertebrates spanning two clubs. Heather currently associates with the Grand Valley Aquarium Club most prominently. Her interests in fish are broad and range from nano species of cyprinids to wild-type livebearing fishes and dwarf cichlids. This May she graduated from the Michigan State University with a BA in Fisheries and Wildlife. She will soon be starting a new job with the University Of Michigan maintaining a zebrafish research lab.

Heather’s talk is entitled: “Danios and Danionins: The appreciation and breeding of small cyprinids”
The past decade has been an exciting one for die-hard danio enthusiasts, as more species of danios have become available in the hobby. This talk highlights some of the new and interesting species along with offering discussion on general care and breeding. Select species of other small cyprinids will also be discussed along with firsthand accounts of reproduction. Sample of featured species: Danio aesculapii, Celestichthys margaritatus, C. erythromicron, C. choprae, Danio tinwini, and Barbus hulstaerti.

August 20, 2016 | Steve Edie: The name game: A Classification Permutation

Steve Edie has been keeping fish since the Eisenhower administration. (Look it up) He has kept almost every kind of fish available, and some that weren’t. He now keeps about 1,100 gallons of freshwater aquariums, with a preference toward Rift Lake Cichlids. He has had good success in maintaining many different species and moderate success at breeding them. He is the past President and current BAP Chair of the Missouri Aquarium Society. He once kept a saltwater tank for about a year, but has promised not to do it again.

His talk “The Name Game:  A Classification Permutation”  Is a tongue-in-cheek take on nomenclature with an emphasis on Cichlids.

June 18th, 2016 | Water and the Aquarium: Keeping and Breeding Discus, Rams and Angelfish

Joe Gargas, a native of the South Suburbs of Chicago, began his interest in Tropical Fish in the mid 60’s when a aunt gave him his first fish tank with guppies. His interested in tropical fish stayed and grew through the teen years which grew into walls of aquariums. In the late 70’s he became a Law Enforcement Officer in the South Suburbs of Chicago. During that time he worked extensively breeding Discus as well as other hard to breed species of  fish making extra money in the process. Joe began writing for a number of Aquarium Fish Publications and had a column in one of them that ran for 7 years. He also began teaching a class that he put together at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago it was “Advanced Freshwater Fish Keeping” This was a 6 week 6 part course that he gave twice a year.

In the early 90’s he was approached by the Wardley Corporation in Secaucus, New Jersey (An Aquarium Fish Food Company) and was offered the job as a consultant. At this time he began doing the PIJAC “Freshwater Fish” certification seminar throughout the USA and Canada and the UK speaking on all aspects of the aquarium hobby. In the mid 90’s the Wardley Corporation was bought out by the Hartz Mountain Corporation and Joe was offered the job of the Director of Research for Wardley and he and his family were relocated to the Tampa Bay area where he lives today.

Joe lectured World Wide on behalf of the Wardley Corporation on all aspects of Tropical Fish Keeping and developed many products. He currently has a hatchery were he is breeding Discus, Rams and Angelfish selling to breeders and high end stores across the country and is currently an active member of the TBAS Tampa Bay Aquarium Society. Through his research and expertise he has helped aquarists/hobbyists keep their fish alive and remain in the hobby.


  • University of Illinois (Champaign Urbana)
  • University Atlanta Georgia
  • Selected Publications:
  • Wrote for FAMA (Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine) TFH (Tropical Fish
  • Hobbyist) Also had an ongoing column in the “Pet Dealer” Magazine (An Industry Trade Publication) Called “Facts on Fish” Which ran consecutively for a number of years.

Research Interests:  Developed applications for water treatment  and analysis for the potable water industry as well as Swimming Pools, Fountains and the Aquarium Fish Trade.

Accomplishments:  Was granted by the US Government 13 patents on new technologies and Applications for Potable Water, Swimming Pools, Fountains and the Aquarium Fish Industry

May 21, 2016| Chuck Breiter: Low-tech Planted Tanks

Get there early if you need assistance with entering items for auction

Chuck has had over 45 years of experience with Tropical Fish and has worked in the retail pet field for 35 years.

He is a generalist in his experience, but, has focused on cultivating aquarium plants using low tech methods that are conducive to the health of the fish for the last 10 years.

Currently, Chuck has 20 aquariums and two outdoor ponds, all without filters. He has been an active member of the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists club and the Madison Aquatic Gardeners Club.

His presentation will discuss why live plants fell out of favor and why they are regaining so much popularity today. The discussion will cover his personal experience and growth in the art of cultivating plants. It will also get into the benefits of an all natural low tech symbiotic plant/fish aquarium set up. It will include a discussion on substrate, water quality, and lighting. Further, the presentation will cover whether there is a need for higher tech methods, such as supplemental fertilization, CO2, and the use of higher intensity lighting.

There will also be a “how to” demonstration of an easy start, low tech aquarium set up. The discussion will be done in a very practical easy to apply manner. Included will a discussion of plants that do well in these conditions and that work well for beginners to the methods covered.

The club will be doing a plant order focusing on plants suitable to this method and will be offering those plants as plant packages as well as through the auction.

April 16, 2016| Anthony Tu: Keeping Synodontis of Lake Tanganyika (3D experience)

Anthony Tu is a graduate of San Jose State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  He has been involved withthe tropical fish hobby more than 30 years. At
twelve years of age, he started to breed beta fish, which he received as a gift from a neighbor’s pond in SouthEast Asia. His passion for African Cichlids began in 1995 when he joined hislocal fish club, the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association (PCCA). He has also been a member of the American Cichlid Association since 2000. He has specialized in the keeping and breeding of Cyphotilapia.

He currently maintains more than 12 variants of Cyphotilapia. In April 2008, he was awarded as a Master Breeder from the PCCA,his local fish club. Anthony is an international speaker.  He has given many talks at major fish clubs throughout the United States, Mexico and Asia, recently at Aquarama 2015 inSingapore .   All his lectures use the latest technology such as: PowerPoint, 3Dvideo clips, and high definition pictures, all taken by him.

Anthony recently had a record spawn of Synodontis petricola catfish,  987 fry reached what looked like one inch in the video he had posted on his web site.  So I contacted him to ask if he could do a talk on breeding them.  He did not think there was enough material there for a full talk so he is going to talk about Lake Tanganyika Catfish in general with a focus on general care and feeding and then a focus on breeding synodontis multipunctatus, synodontis poli, and Synodontis petricola.

March 19, 2016 |Rusty Wessel: Central American cichlids

Rusty Wessel from Louisville, Kentucky, is a well known specialist in Central American cichlids. Rusty has visited Central American habitats for countless occasions. Rusty is a well known cichlid author and speaker. Much involved in the organized hobby, Rusty has taken many positions in several aquarium fancier associations, both local and national, and has been rightly awarded the highest honor of the American Cichlid Association, the fellowship status, for his many contributions to the cichlid hobby. Rusty is also a frequent contributor to the Cichlid Room Companion.

His presentation is Fishes of the Maya! A photo and video presentation on the fishes that live in the area where the ancient Mayan civilization once existed. It covers Southern Mexico, Guatemala and Western Honduras.

Rusty specializes in breeding Central American fish, predominantly cichlids and livebearers, in his fishroom of over 90 tanks and 8000+ gallons. He has taken his hobby to a point where he has successfully collected fish from the Africa, Central America and South America. He has introduced many new species of fish to the aquarium hobby; if it lives in the water, chances are that Rusty has either caught it, been bit or stung by it. Theraps wesseli, a beautiful and elusive cichlid discovered during one of his expeditions, was later named after Rusty by Dr. Robert Rush Miller, emeritus professor of the University of Michigan.

Rusty is a prolific author and photographer; his writings or photographs have appeared in a wide distribution of specialized publications. He has been heavily involved with the American Cichlid Association, including being awarded the ACA Fellowship, its greatest honor. On the local level, he is currently treasurer for the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers. Rusty has lectured and judged numerous fish shows throughout the United States, including the annual “Florida Tropical Fish Farmers” show and several ACA conventions.

February 20, 2016Gadget Contest  


PM marine590622 if you have a project you would like to present.

Also at this meeting;

  • Grimmeys
  • Club Bussiness
  • BAP AND split auction.
  • Following the Auction we usually clean up, and head over to the East Side Great Dane for a meal and beverages.
  • http://eastside.greatdanepub.com

January 16, 2016 | John Roberts : Dart Frogs

John Roberts is one of the founding members of our club. He came to the club after a number of years of participation in the Madison Aquatic Gardeners Club. Known in both clubs for the quality of his plants and fish, John drifted away for awhile about 5 years ago when he became interested in Dart Frogs.

His day job is union painter for the Madison schools. He has been keeping tropical fish since the age of 12. He got involved with frogs through a friend who now runs a frog research station in Madagascar.

His presentation will cover where the frogs are from in the wild, his experience with them, then general care, and how to build a proper vivarium to house them. He has also indicated he will bring some frogs along if there is interest in seeing them and he has frogs for sale if there is interest.


December 2015 | Holiday Party

November 21, 2015 | Jeff Anderson: Jeff & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in Peru

Jeff was born out of state on an Army base, but is basically a Madison, WI native. Like many others, his first fish was a goldfish won with a lucky ping pong ball toss. Soon after came zebra danios, neon tetras and whatever else the meager allowance of the day could manage. After fledgling the childhood nest, bettas, piranhas and channel catfish, oh my! Having at least one tank up and running for over 30 years (usually more) lessons have been learned with varying degrees of success. Joining the MAAH after a killie soiree at Ted Judy’s has been what he had been looking for. A home base to swap info and BS about those critters in the glass cages. Then talk of the fish’s home base. A trip! So, we flew to Peru!!!

October 2015

September 19, 2015 | Jen Williams: Easy Plants for Aquascapes

Jen will give a presentation about the easy plants she likes to use to create beautiful, easy to care for, and
award-winning aquascapes.

I got my first tank when I was seven and went through the appropriate array of guppies, barbs and tetras through to my first encounter with keeping Cichlids when I was in high school and “Bubba” (a Melanochromis auratus with an extra dose of sassiness) paved the way to more. Years later, a craigslist ad I posted stating “Firemouth Cichlids, bring a net and a bucket” (as not surprisingly two had turned into what I swear was easily zillions), I was introduced to something I wasn’t expecting*a formidable former Army Lieutenant in my living room filling his bucket with fish, and telling me all about local fish clubs and planted tanks. Armed with a healthy dose of curiosity at what kind of characters would be at a plant and fish club meeting, I attended my first planted tank (GWAPA) gathering and was completely hooked. Serving on the Board in several positions (including President) I have also enjoyed participating in events with the other local clubs and the true friendships I have made in this hobby. To date I have a stack of ribbons from aquascaping contests, including most recently firsts in both categories at the 2014 Aquatic Experience/AGA Aquascaping Live! Invitational Competition in Chicago, IL for 75 gallon and nano entries. I am also an avid fan of Blue-eyed Rainbowfish and enjoy keeping and breeding them with the rest of my eclectic assortment of fish. To pay the electric and water bills that accompany 241 assorted gallons of aquatic madness, I work as a Graphic Designer*and also enjoy fast cars and purring cats.”

Aug 15, 2015 | Rachel O’Leary-Hill: An Intro to Asian Dwarf Hillstream Species

This is a new presentation that gives an overview of species available in the hobby, their unique needs and behaviors, and specialized housing. It is meant as an introductory presentation to dispel some myths and make these unique creatures more approachable.

Presented by Rachel O’Leary AKA MSJINXED

A life-long fish keeper, her interests range from microfish to monsters, with a focus on invertebrates and dwarf species. Rachel has spent the last 10 years studying invertebrate husbandry, aquascaping, and breeding practices. Rachel’s fishroom consists of over 100 tanks ranging from 10 to 220 gallons, and her breeding program includes members of the Corydoradinae group, apistogramma, ancistrus, hypancistrus, pelvicachromis,  as well as various cyprinids and livebearers. One of the leading importers of invertebrates in the US, she works with dozens of dwarf shrimp and snail species, as well as dwarf crayfish and crabs, and is regularly bringing in new and hard to find specimens. Rachel is a frequent contributor to Amazonas magazine, and recently had a book published titled The 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species: How to Choose & Keep Hardy, Brilliant, Fascinating Nano Fishes, Plants and Invertebrates.

Rachel is a proud member of the following organizations

As dedicated to education and community as she is to her fish, Rachel has served as a moderator in several of the largest online aquatic communities.  A member of close to a dozen associations, she can frequently be found at conventions and club meetings around the country.

July 2015 | Picnic

June 2015

May 2015

April 2015

March 2015

February 2015

January 2015


December 2014 | Holiday Party

November 2014

October 2014

September 2014


Cavan Allen is an avid aquatic plant enthusiast who enjoys exploring native habitats, collecting the aquatic plants and acclimating them to aquarium life.  he has added several interesting species to the hobby of planted aquariums.  Cavan will present a talk about his collecting trips, focusing on how to identify, collect and acclimate wild plants.


  • Cavan will be leading two collecting field trips during his visit for the MAAH and MAS club meetings.
  • Friday, August 15 – We will be collecting in the Milwaukee area prior to the MAS meeting that evening.
  • Sunday, August 17 – We will be collecting in Lake Wingra in Madison in the morning.
  • Please see the MAAH forum for details, or contact Ted Judy (tjudy@tedsfishroom.com) for details.

July 19, 2014 | Summer Potluck Picnic

Pat Messer will be hosting our annual summer potluck at her house in Jefferson starting at 11:00 a.m. on July 19th.  This is a fun, family friendly event, so come on out and join us!  River fishing is available right across the street (fishing license not required if under 16).   Please RSVP to Pat (fishlady) and respond to the forum thread with the item that you will be bringing for the potluck.  Pat will provide directions after you have RSVP’d.  We hope to see you there!

June 21, 2014 | David Fraguglia:  A Video Tour of Lake Malawi

David has been keeping fish off and on for thirty years. His first tank was a six gallon hex with a couple angel fish and corydoras cats.  From that point on he was hooked. Through the years he’s kept a little bit of everything.  Briefly, he worked in a wholesalers business while in junior high and highschool, furthering his desire to explore the hobby more deeply. Currently he is the editor of the Cichlid Blues a bimonthly magazine of the PCCA, an active member of the American Cichlid Association and travels 3-4 times around the country to conventions and other fish related events. A couple of years ago David had an opportunity to jump on a plane and fly half way around the world and jump into Lake Malawi, how could he pass that up?


Bill Shields, a lifelong aquarium fish hobbyist who started keeping fish at the ripe old age of six, grew up in South Florida in the 1950′s. During his youth, Bill’s entrepreneurial streak had him collecting guppies and mollies from the town park’s pond and trading them with the local fish store for other fish and supplies. After college and various jobs, Bill finally started working “officially” in the pet trade as a salesman, store manager and then, finally, general manager of three Docktor Pet Centers in the Harrisburg, PA area. During this time, an invitation to attend and join the Susquehanna Aquarium Society in 1974 became his formal introduction into the organized portion of the hobby. Not long after joining, he became Vice-President , President, and then member of the Board of the Directors; later he was named Hobbyist of the Year in 1976. After joining the American Killifish Association (AKA) in 1974, he realized he had jumped to the next level of the hobby.

After a hiatus from the pet trade–during which he was an elephant handler and midwife for 37 Asian elephant births– Bill’s avocation became his vocation. His aquarium fish expertise earned him a position as a professional fish breeder at 5 -D Tropical Inc, an ornamental fish production and import/export facility, in Plant City, Florida where he worked from 1995 until retirement in 2010. Finding no organized fish club in Tampa, FL, Bill’s life came full circle as he and eight other fish keepers founded the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society (TBAS; website: tbas1.com ) in 1992. Bill remains active with the TBAS and other hobbyist organizations. He has served on the committees for two national AKA conventions, in 2000 & 2006, as well as the 2009 North American Native Fish Association (NANFA) all held in the Tampa area. In addition, Bill manages the annual Aquarium Beautiful Competition for the Florida State Fair. And as a bucket list trip travelled to Iquitos Peru in 2009 with seven of his long time fish friends.

April 19, 2014 | Matt McGee – Freshwater Shrimp

Matt McGee is a PhD student in Dr. Peter Wainwright’s lab at UC Davis. When he’s not researching fish biomechanics and genetics, he breeds dwarf freshwater shrimp. Over the last several years, he has bred several thousand shrimp of various species. In his view, the key to success with shrimp is to understand their natural behavior and ecology. Matt will explain the basics of shrimpkeeping, provide an overview of the major species complexes, and explain how to set up an easily maintained and visually striking shrimp aquarium.

March 15, 2014 | Gadget Contest.

This month we will share ideas on how to make our own… filters, lights, pumps, frykeepers, etc. etc. etc. In the spirit of Do-It-Yourself, we will have several mini presentations on how to make things on short notice, or repurpose things in our fishrooms.

We will have prizes for First, Second, and Third place.

The first place prize is

  • a filter by Cobalt Aquatics. Our Thanks go out to Colbalt for donating the filter.
  • https://cobaltaquatics.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16&products_id=57&zenid=gfegollmvq9sugobfv5fr3h7e4
  • Second and Third place will be some of the LED lights we made at the January meeting.

February 15, 2014 | Rick Ivik.  “PERU—2013”

Regarding his presentation, Rick states:

In August of 2013, I traveled with two friends (Jack Heller and Dave Hemmerlein) to southeastern Peru to collect Killies, Corydoras and Apistogramma. The presentation covers the activities of that week in August.

Rick is a long time friend of Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists and has spoken for us in the past.  Rick Ivik was born in Chicago and raised in the suburb of Cicero. While living there he attended Morton Junior College and Northern Illinois University where he earned an A.A.S. degree in Electronic Technology and a B.S.degree in Technology Education. He taught for a year in Illinois before moving to Wisconsin in 1975. There he taught for thirty years and retired in 2005. He continues to substitute teach in four school districts during his retirement.

Rick started keeping killies in 1978 after visiting a pet shop in Madison, WI. The shop had four or five ten gallon tanks tucked away in the corner with killies in them. As they say, the rest is history. Rick has been with the M.K.A.(Milwaukee Killifish Association), which is now W.A.K.O.(Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization) and the A.K.A. since 1979. He is also a member of the M.K.K.A.(Minnesota Killie Keepers Association). Rick is considered an eclectic killie keeper. He does not specialize in any one type of killie, but has a variety of genera. If he had to be pinned down to a certain type, or types, of fish, it would probably be Rivulus and Epiplatys. He is currently maintaining ninety-six aquariums ranging from one to one hundred and twenty gallons in size. Today he lives in southwestern Wisconsin in the town of Monroe.

January 2014 | Mr. Matt Bielski

DIY LED Lighting Workshop

Matt will lead us in a hands-on workshop about building inexpensive LED lights from base components.  This will be a group activity, and the lights built will be auctioned at the end of the meeting.

About Matt

“I have over 30 years in the hobby , I am a father of 3 and have been married for going on 25 yrs.

I am basically a general interest hobbyist. I breed most of what I keep, ranging from catfish & killifish to cichlids & tetras. At this time, I have 70 tanks in a fish room of about 520 sq ft.  I have automated for the most part the water changing and lighting in the room.  I am always in the process of modifying or adding to the fish room, to me this is half the fun.

I work as a mechanical contractor, and have been doing so for over 28 yrs.  I am currently the service manager for a local refrigeration contractor.  I draw my expertise in lighting from my work experience.  I have over 2000 points in the local clubs’ breeder award programs and I have served as president, on and off, for the local aquarium society for 8 years now.”


December 2013 | Holiday Party


Mike Wise has been a fish hobbyist for over 35 years and has kept dwarf cichlids almost from the beginning. He’s been a member of the Colorado Aquarium Society since 1977 and the American Cichlid Association since 1982. Presently, Mike is a moderator for the Apistogramma Forum and curates Apistogramma at the Cichlid Room Companion web sites. He has had articles published in several magazines and received writing awards from the ACA and FAAS. Mike has also translated into English three German language books on dwarf cichlids, as well as many scientific and hobby related papers. He is one of the contributors to the German/English book South American Dwarf Cichlids a “Special Publication” (Sonderheft) published by the German magazine DATZ. Among his many experiences are two, month-long collecting trips in which he of lived, ate, and collected fish with native collectors in Peru , Ecuador and Colombia . Mike has given programs at ACA & BCA conventions, as well as to many local, regional, and international fish clubs on the various aspects of collecting, identifying, keeping, and breeding dwarf cichlids.

Oct 19th, 2013 | Karen Randall: Biotopes Around the World

Karen Randall  –  What makes a successful “plant biotope”, and how they differ and are alike, all around the world.  This presentation covers many of the exotic locations Karen has traveled to looking for aquatic plants, and how to successfully recreate the biotopes in an aquarium.

Karen Randall grew up with aquariums as a child.  While experienced in many facets of the aquarium hobby, as an adult her focus turned to a concentration in planted display aquariums and the study and propagation of aquatic plants.  Her articles and photography have been published in six languages in 9 countries.  For many years she authored the monthly column, “Sunken Gardens” in Aquarium Fish Magazine. She is an international speaker on aquarium subjects.

Karen is past president of the Boston Aquarium Society, and serves on the board of the Aquatic Gardeners Association.  She was editor of the AGA magazine, The Aquatic Gardener for 5 years and is now technical editor of the magazine.  She has served as a judge for both the AGA Aquascaping Contest and the Aqua Design Amano International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest since their inception.   In 2010 she had the pleasure to serve as a speaker and jury member for the prestigious live international contest, “The Art of the Planted Aquarium” held in Hannover, Germany.  She has also served as a consultant on several major projects at public aquaria.

She has traveled extensively in South and Central America and South East Asia as well as the southern parts of the U.S. to study aquatic plants and biotopes in the wild.  In Brazil she has assisted with Project Piaba, a conservation program in the Amazon centered on the aquarium fish trade.  She regularly does programs on these topics as well as aquatic gardening for groups ranging from aquarium clubs, school children, garden clubs and church organizations.

Karen started a program a number of years ago to put aquariums in many classrooms in the local public elementary schools.  Now, with her own children grown, this program is still going strong.  In 2003 she was awarded the Northeast Council of Aquarium Society’s Betty Mueller Award; a life-time award for her outreach work and other contributions to the aquarium hobby.

September 21st 2013 | Gary Lange, Third Time’s the Charm.

Gary has been keeping fish since he was 10 and has been associated with the organized hobby for the last 32 years. He is a member of the Missouri Aquarium Society (MASI) and has held various positions in the club. He is a grand master breeder in MASI, and has won “Best Fish In Show” on four different occasions, twice with rainbowfish.

In the fall of 1987 he started the Rainbowfish Study Group of North America (RSG). He got in fish photography mainly because there weren’t many quality pictures of rainbowfish. He has had his photos published in FAMA, TFH and AFM and has published several articles for the Aquarium Fish Magazine and TFH.

In 2002 he was the first to import eight new rainbowfish into North America from the world explorer, Heiko Bleher, including the Millennium rainbow, the Zigzag and the dwarf parva rainbowfish. In 2003 he made his second trip to Australia and did some more collecting while there. In 2005 he took the rainbowfish collectors dream trip – collecting in West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), the western portion of New Guinea. He made another trip back in 2008, recollecting Melanotaenia praecox. A third trip was made in 2010 and a fourth just completed in August of 2012. He brought back fish that have never been seen in the hobby including Chilatherina alleni, both color varieties. On the third trip alone, five new species of rainbowfish were brought back and wait a scientific write up. He is currently running over 90 tanks and keeping over 65 species and locations of rainbowfish and blue-eyes.

Additionally Gary is facilitating a box swap of fish between MAAH and MASI, This should be a great event!

August 17, 2013 | Steve Lundblad – Peacocks with Fins, not Feathers

Steve is the owner and operator of The Wet Spot and the Cichlid Exchange aquarium fish importers and retailer in Portland, Oregon. If you have been on Aquabid.com in the past two years, you have see the Wet Spot auctions. Steve is also very active in the hobby, especially in the keeping and breeding of Lake Malawi cichlids. He maintains colonies of every collect species of Aulonacara, and many different populations of several of them. He is the only person I know who can look at a female peacock and give you the correct ID… every time. Steve is going to present his acclaimed talk on Lake Malawi Peacocks, which covers every known species (described and otherwise). Steve has been to Lake Malawi multiple times, and the presentation will include observations on the fish in the wild and in captivity.

July 20, 2013 | MAAH Summer Picnic

MAAH’s annual end of year (our calendar runs July – June) Summer Potluck Picnic will take place next month:

  • Saturday July 20
  • 1:00 – ???
  • Ted Judy’s Home (in Stoughton)

This family event is a lot of fun, so c’mon out and join us. Please RSVP to Ted via PM on the forum (tjudy) or via email (tjudy@tedsfishroom.com). Ted will respond with the address and a suggestion for what to bring for the potluck.

June 15, 2013 | Ben Van Dinther: Aquascaping

The meeting this weekend will feature a raffle with some great prizes. The grand prize is a 29 gallon aquarium aquascaped by our guest presenter Ben van Dinther with some great equipment donated by Hagen:

  • 29 gallon aquarium
  • all decorations, substrate and live plants used by Ben to aquascape the tank
  • Fluval 106 canister filter (donated by Hagen)
  • 24″ Freshwater & Plant LED light (also from Hagen)
  • There will be a lot of other prizes too, including filters, lights, hardscape decorations and more! Everyone who attends the meting will get one raffles ticket for showing up. Additional tickets can be purchased as well. You can also earn raffle tickets by participating in the auction (buy a bag for $10+ and get a free raffle ticket).

Today I am going to talk about some basic techniques to add visual appeal to an aquarium. I will show some pictures of award winning aquariums and talk about why they win those awards. I will go over some “guidelines” that can help even the most aesthetically challenged hobbyist improve the look and feel of an aquatic ecosystem. I will aquascape a 29g to show some of those ideas. I will be focusing on planted aquariums.

About Ben:

Ben is one of the owners of Blue Fish Aquarium and Aquarium Services. He started keeping fish when he was 8. It was not until he saw a picture of Psuedepiplatys annulatus, the Clown Killi, that the hobby became an obsession. In college he had 10 aquariums and a kiddie pool in his dorm room. He has a degree in Art and a minor in Biology. Aquariums have become the perfect blend of art and science. He is a fellow of the Grand Valley Aquarium Club in Grand Rapids Michigan. He holds top honors in the Horticulturist Award Program at the Grand Valley Aquarium Club. Every aquarium is not just a glass box to grow stuff but also a living work of art.

May 18, 2013 | John Krepper – Keeping Lake Tanganyika Cichlids

John has been an avid hobbyist for over 40 years, with nearly all of that time dedicated to the keeping of cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. He will share that breadth of experience in a presentation that sticks to the practice of successfully keeping and breeding this astoundingly diverse group of cichlids.

April 20, 2013 | Dr. Stephan Tanner – Pleco Nutrition

Suckermouth catfish were long regarded simply as algae eaters to clean up the aquarium. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the members of the family Loricariidae have a wide variety of feeding strategies. The choice of food in the husbandry of the various types is critical in maintaining and breeding these great fish.

Stephan has been a fish keeper since 1982. Born in Switzerland, he got his first fish tank at age 14. A fascination for biology led to a master’s degree in Ecology and Molecular Biology (1995) and a PhD in Human Molecular Genetics (1998) from the University of Bern, Switzerland. During his undergraduate years, he worked many years for a local fish store (Spiezer Zoo).

In 1998, Stephan moved to Columbus, Ohio for a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer research at the Ohio State University. In the fall of 2005, he became a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology, and Medical Genetics. His work in cancer genetics focused on identifying genes and pathways for acute myeloid leukemia (PNAS 2001, Vol 98), juvenile vitamin B12 malabsorption (Nature Genetics, 2003 Vol 33 & PNAS 2005, Vol 102), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CELL 2007, Vol 129), and colorectal cancer (Science 2008, Vol 321). Since 1998, Stephan has published 49 peer reviewed papers.

In 1992, Stephan became a member of the International Society for Barbs, Tetras, Loaches, and Catfishes IG BSSW. From 1994-2006, he was the editor for their quarterly publication BSSW Report. He regularly travels to Germany for fish related events and to visit friends he made throughout the IG BSSW. He is a member of the American Cichlid Association, American Livebearer Association, North American Native Fishes Association, Minnesota Aquarium Society, and Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts.

In 2012, Stephan’s wife Wendy was recruited by Mayo Clinic and they moved to Rochester in southeastern Minnesota. Stephan has since focused on expanding his company, SwissTropicals, LLC, known for Poret© filter foam and the Jetlifters™.

March 2013 | No Speaker

February 16, 2013 | Rick Borstein: Livebearer Reproduction Strategies

Sorry for the late notice for the February meeting, but it turned out to be a lucky delay, as our scheduled speaker is unable to make it. Instead we will have a presentation by Rick Borstein, noted fish breeder and aquarium society guru from Chicago. Rick is a goal-oriented fish breeder who has dominated the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association’s BAP program for many years (which is notable because the GCCA’s system is very simple… 1 spawn = 1 point), and he once submitted 100 cichlid spawns in a single year. Rick took up an interest in livebearers a few years ago, and recently helped to found the Chicago Livebearer Society. Rick will make the drive up I90 to give us a talk about live bearers:

Livebearers are an incredibly diverse group of fish. Yes, there’s a lot more to livebearers than guppies, swords and platies. In this talk, you’ll learn how to sex livebearers, take a look at livebearer anatomy, see a livebearer give birth, and learn about mate selection and nourishment of embryos. In addition, there is a bit of livebearer trivia and coverage of a few oddballs.

January 19, 2013 | BRIAN PERKINS – FISH OF PERU

Brian Perkins, owner/operator of Wild Peru (www.wildperu.net), a fish collecting station in Peru, will be visiting the Wisconsin clubs to talk about his experiences with South American soft water species.


December 2012 | Holiday Party

This year’s holiday potluck party will be hosted by Michael and Rosi Laursen in their home in Beloit. Michael has been doing a lot of renovation to his fish room lately, and we should all take this opportunity to take a gander at it.

When: Dec. 8. 2012 1:00 PM – ????
RSVP on the forum: http://madisonaquatichobby.com/forum/index.php?threads/maah-holiday-party.4024/#post-29523

Sign up for something to bring. This is most definitely a family event, so bring everyone.

November 17, 2012 | Matt Pederson: Building a Marine Breeding Fish Room

Matt Pederson is one of the most successful hobbyist breeders of marine fish. He is very active as a writer and speaker at marine events around the nation, and is THE breeder entrusted with the Lightning Clown Project (click on the name to see what it is all about). Matt is also very active with the conservation and preservation of the bangui cardinalfish, and recently completed the construction of a very high tech fish room specifically designed as a breeding/research facility for working with bangui cardinals… in his basement… in Duluth, MN. Matt is coming to Madison to tell us all about what he is up to. Even if you do not keep marine fish, there are plenty of fish room tips to learn in this program!


The west African cichlid genus Pelvicachromis includes the very popular aquarium species P. pulcher… the krib! But there are eight species and dozens of different populations of fish in genus, all of which are fun to keep in the aquarium. Ted Judy has spent 30+ years keeping and breeding these cichlids, and has even been to Africa to collect them. Ted will give talk that covers the interesting history of this genus, how to keep them and introduces us to dozens of kribs. Ted will also bring some fry from different species for the auction!


Ted and Jeff A went over to Michigan with several boxes of fish from MAAH members, and have returned with several boxes of fish from over there. These fish will be featured in our auction, so come on out to get some species that have not been available in the Madison area… until now! This is a great chance to pick up a species that has not been bread in the club. Here is the list of fish that were sent to us in the swap:

  • Malawi Cichlids: Copadichromis borleyi, Pseudotropheus aurora, Metriaclima zebra gold, Metriaclima greshakei, Pseudotropheus elongatus ‘chewere’
  • Tang. Cichlids: Lepidiolamp. hecqui, Telmatochromis vittatus, Lamp. ornatipinnis
  • Catfish: Aspidoras sp. ‘albator’, Corydoras aeneus ‘black Venezuela’, Corydoras melini, Corydoras venezuelanus
  • Killi: Rivulus marmoratus (the parthenogenic killi… one is all you need!)
  • CA Cichlid: Thorichthys sp. ‘Mextico’
  • Victoria Cichlid: Haplochromis sp. Tomato, Pundumalia nyererei ‘Mwanza Gulf’
  • Livebearers: Skiffia lermae, Girardinus fulcatus, Girardinus rivasi, Girardinus uninotatus, Girardinichthys multiradiatus, Black Moscow Guppies, Phallichthys fairweatheri Rio Puote, Poecilia butleri, Characodon lateralis ‘Los Berros’, Xenophallus umbratillis, Neoheterandria elegans, Allotoca goslinei
  • Plant: Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia (HUGE crypt)

September 15, 2012 | Aquascape Challenge and Conservation Breeder Program


All of the members who joined the Aquascape Challenge in April will present photograph of their 10-gallon planted tank aquascape for us to discuss and judge. The winners will be determined by the voting of the people present, so we need a big turn out. We will also learn a lot about how the aquariums were set up and managed, so bring a pad of paper to take notes…


Ted Judy will present a program about aquarium conservation, the MAAH CBP and highlight some of the priority species that are in the club. The goal of the CBP is to encourage members to make a place in their hobby for a species of fish that is at risk of going extinct or becoming lost from the hobby. We have had a CBP for a year, but a new system has been put in place. There will be a LOT of CBP Priority Species available in the auction, so do a little research on the MAAH Conservation web page, ask questions on the forum and get a tank ready for a cool species of fish that needs your help.

August 18, 2012 | Dr. Paul V. Loiselle: The State of Aquarium Conservation in the Hobby

Dr. Paul V. Loiselle is an enthusiastic aquarist of 50 years’ experience. During the course of his career, Paul has had the opportunity to study cichlids and other fishes in Madagascar, West Africa, Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika, Haiti, Mexico, Central America and the Peruvian Amazon. Emeritus Curator of Freshwater Fishes at the New York Aquarium, he is actively involved in conservation programs focused on the fishes of Madagascar. Paul is co-chair of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Freshwater Fish Taxa Advisory Group and serves as a scientific adviser to the Lake Victoria Cichlid Species Survival Program and the Madagascar Faunal Interest Group. A founding member and Fellow of the American Cichlid Association, he is an internationally published author of numerous articles and such books on the care and breeding of ornamental fishes as The Cichlid Aquarium and The Fishkeeper’s Guide to African Cichlids.

Paul is arguably the most prominent person in the world who actively researches and promotes the conservation of fishes in our hobby. Paul is the chairman of the American Cichlid Association’s Conservation Committee, which is responsible for the Paul V. Loiselle Conservation Fund. Through that fund the ACA has provided more than $30,000 to cichlid conservation projects around the world. Paul is also a founding member of the C.A.R.E.S. Preservation Project, a hobby organization that promotes the keeping of species at risk in the hobby. Paul’s presentation is an extension and update of the banquet program he delivered at the 2012 ACA convention in Milwaukee. He will inform us as to what is happening the at risk habitats around the world, what is being done in science and hobby to help, and Paul will challenge us to be a part of the solution.


A New Year! – August is the first meeting of the MAAH calendar, so the annual passes will go back on sale ($25/person or $50/family). This pass is good for entry into all MAAH meetings through June 2013. The pass is available until the February 2013 meeting (after than point there is not financial advantage to buying a pass).

Conservation Breeder Program – We will be revamping and restarting the CBP this year. The old system was not working out very well… live and learn. We are excited to present the new program at the meeting with Paul V. Loiselle as our guest. He will give us a lot of encouragement! Please take a look at the CBP web page for details of the new program.

Breeder Award Program Submissions – A new year for the BAP is getting started too. How far will you advance this year toward your personal goal? Will you get to Grand Master? Is Ultimate Breeder in your sights? Participating in BAP is fun, helps to distribute fish between members and is a huge support for the club. If you have fry born this Summer they are probably ready for BAP! Bring them and get a jump start on advancing through the ranks.

Grimey Award – Learn something important the hard way? Willing to share your story? Tells us about it and maybe you will win the one-per-life Grimey Award.

Mini Auction – Every meeting we end with a live auction of fish, plants and equipment. The BAP and CBP fish will be in the lots, and sellers are welcome to enter items as well. MAAH has a new split policy starting in August: a flat 20% to club and 80% to seller. This is an advantage to the seller! No more first $1 to the club. We are expecting a good turnout for the first meeting of the year, so it is a good meeting to bring your items to auction. And don’t forget to clear some tank space for fish or plants you will want!

July 21, 2012 | Picnic

Next up for MAAH is our annual Summer pot luck and awards picnic. This year we will meet at Ted Judy’s home in Stoughton, WI, from 2:00 to whenever. Ted will provide a main course (smoked BBQ….), but will also have a grill running if you prefer to bring something other than pork or beef to be grilled. Please go to the Summer Potluck thread in the forum to RSVP and sign up to bring something. Once you RSVP through the forum, Ted will send you the address.

June 16, 2012 | Jay Reiss: L-number plecos

This is from Jay:

I’ve had a fish tank off and on since I was a kid. In 2003 I got addicted to keeping plecos and started a fishroom in my basement. I started breeding ancistrus and moved on to the hypancistrus family. To date, I’ve bred about three quarters of the hypancistrus family and shipped my tank-raised plecos all over the United States under the name Plecoboy.

Currently my focus is to breed plecos from the Rio Xingu River in Brazil where the construction of the Belo Monte dam may cause the extinction of many endemic plecos.

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

February 2012

January 2012


December 2011 | Holiday Party

November 2011

October 15, 2011 | Video from ACA 2010 Convention (we will decide as a group which one we want to watch)


The schedules are posted on the forum and on the Fall Fish Fest web page.

We have changed the times for the Box Sales so more people can participate (sellers and buyers). 9:00 – 10:30 (AM Sat.) bag check in… 10:30 – 11:30 room open for weekend pass holders… 11:30 – 2:00 room open to everyone

Friday evening there will be an Open House at Ted Judy’s fish room from 7:00 – 10:00, for attendees arriving on Friday. Maps will be available at the FFF registration table on Friday afternoon/evening. Ted lives an easy 20 minute drive from the hotel.

MAAH in October

October is a big month for MAAH. We will host our first weekend event on October 29-30. If you have not registered yet, please do so. There are instructions and registration form on the Fall Fish Fest pages (link at the upper left in the menu bar). Please make note of these dates:

October 10 – the last day to order a Fall Fish Fest tee-shirt

October 12 – the cutoff day for reserving a room at the hotel at the event group rate. If you are staying overnight, make your reservations soon!

The vendor room is very full. Lot’s a great sellers are coming to the event. You will be able to find everything from aquariums to black worms. Watch the MAAH forum for a list of vendors and their contact information to do pre-orders.

The Saturday speaker line up is full also. A full schedule will be posted soon.

September 17, 2011 | David Boruchowitz: Freshwater Nano-Aquariums

David has been in the hobby for 57 years and figures he’s probably hooked for life. Although cichlids always hold a special place in his heart, he’s never met a fish he didn’t like, and his collection grows ever more eclectic, with primitive fishes and mudskippers just a couple of current focuses. He has been Editor-in-Chief of TFH Magazine for more than a decade and is the author of many books, most about aquarium husbandry. He has a personal mission of helping beginning aquarists to succeed, believing that anyone who succeeds with a first tank will find a life-long source of entertainment and education in the aquarium hobby.

David comes to Madison to give us a presentation about freshwater nano-aquariums. He will give us tips on how to start and maintain these very small aquariums, and tell us about the many different fish that are suitable.

August 20, 2011 | Gordon Hartman: PLANTS!!!

This month we will be featuring three mini-programs about keeping plants. The keynote presenter will be our own Gordon Hartmann, so will give is a presentation about his low tech planted tank methods. Here is a link to images of Gordon’s 2004 AGA Aquascaping Contest 1st Place entry: AGA 2004.

We will also hear from Randy Peterson about some of his tricks for maintaining his aquascapes, and from Ted Judy about building a layered soil substrate.

It is impossible to start a new planted tank without plants, so the club is going bring in some plants from Waterscapes Nurseries. Six starter packages of plants will be given away as door prizes to those in attendance. Identical starter packages will be available for sale ($5), and some other plants will be put into the mini-auction.


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MAAH is proud to announce our first weekend event. We will gather October 29 and 30, 2011, for speakers, swaps, auctions and lot’s of fun! Follow the following link to read more about the event and access registration forms:

July 9, 2011 | Picnic

We will be hosting the MAAH picnic on July 9th 2011 from 12-4pm.

We will be providing brats,hot dogs,hamburgers and authentic homemade tamales. We’ll provide beverages, but please bring your own alcholic beverages AND chairs.

Entertainment will be pony cart rides for kids and small adults, roping dummies, horseback rides and also live music with Dusty and Don Wiggins.

Please RSVP via PM, or email tara_n_dusty@yahoo.com OR reply to post so we know how many to expect. We ask everyone to bring a dish to pass. Please post what you’ll be bringing so others know what other foods will be at the picnic. Look forward to having a great time, and meeting new/old MAAH members. Thanks. Tara and Dusty.

June 18, 2011 | Ron Coleman, Ph.D.: Research & adventures in Costa Rica

Ron is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at California State University, Sacramento. He will be speaking on his research and adventures in Costa Rica, where he and his students study the parental care of cichlid fishes.

May 21, 2011 | Phil Benes: Rainbow Fish

May 1, 2011 | Live Fish/Plant Auction

The next MAAH event will be our first full-fledged auction. Please plan on coming out to be a part of this inaugural event. Specifics regarding location, buyer/seller instructions and auction rules can be seen on the AUCTIONS page.

The auction will feature a Buy It Now table where sellers can set a price for higher-value fish/plants and buyers can purchase them without having to bid. See the rules for specific details.

We will also be holding an earn-a-ticket drawing for several drygoods prizes. You will get a ticket when you pick up your buyer number and will earn a ticket for every bag that you purchase in the auction. Prizes in the drawing include:

  • Book: Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad
  • Book: Celebrating Cichlids from Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika by Ad Konings
  • A large piece of driftwood
  • A mixed box of smaller pieces of driftwood
  • A Marineland 20-gallon aquarium kit with LED light
  • A 10-gallon aquarium with a custom feather rock background
  • Tetra Pond BP2500 pond filter

The list of species coming to the auction keeps growing, and can be viewed on the MAAH FORUM. We are expecting a great mix of fish and plants.

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