Yay! Saved a baby from my hungry Calvuses!

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by mad_cichlid_mom, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. I had pulled 2 holding moms out of my Tang tank in late August, and wound up with ~ 30 wee Cyp leptosoma who are growing out quite nicely in a 12 G tank. Recently saw a mom holding in the main tank, decided to [sadly] let nature takes its course as usual. This morning, I saw a wee baby swimming with his big relatives - and the Calvuses had not noticed him (yet). Took a chance and put a net in (that sometimes makes things worse) and I got him! Put him in the 12 G with his siblings/cousins, and he is already eating Repashy with them!

    His name is "Lotto".
  2. Update: netted another baby. I tried to explain to him as he was frantically avoiding the net that he’d appeciate my efforts but he didn’t seem to understand. Once he joined Lotto and friends he was very happy.
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