What new fish did you get today?

Discussion in 'General Freshwater Aquarium Keeping' started by Dave, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    4 cory sterbai wild caught.
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  2. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

  3. Ben A

    Ben A Member

    4 Black Rams
  4. bahamafj11

    bahamafj11 Well-Known Member

    Ancistrus sp. Rio Tocantins. Perhaps a bristlier bristle-nose.o_O
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  5. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Serpae tetras
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  6. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    L140, Synodontis Eupterus, Pyxichromis orthostoma.
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  7. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    More Pyxichromis orthostoma today.
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