Wanted to buy: variety of male guppies and/or Endlers

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Sharon Page, May 14, 2019 at 4:06 PM.

  1. Sharon Page

    Sharon Page New Member

    I need about 10 male guppies and/or endlers for mosquito control in my outdoor filtered, aerated, 35 gallon planted "pond". Since these will be pets on view indoors and out, I'm hoping to get a mix of lots of colors. Show quality is not needed, just "pretty."

    They will overwinter each year in my (indoor) 55g planted community tank. It has just enough stocking space for 10 male guppies, which is why I don't want any females.

    The water is almost warm enough now (60s at dawn, 70s during day), but I would like to pick up the guppies in about 2 weeks, just to be on the safe side. I can pick up anywhere in the Madison area.
  2. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Just my two cents worth but you should put a group of guppies out and allow them to breed, You are going to loss some to dragon fly nymphs, in the fall when you bring them in you can pick the best for you indoor tanks and sell the rest at auction. I (actually Diana) has some interesting groups you could work with. You couild also put rainbows, or paradise fish or goramis out over the summer in a pond that size. Scott is bapping Axolotls this month, they would do well in that pond if it is shaded. They like cooler water though so if it is in the sun that might not work.
  3. Sharon Page

    Sharon Page New Member

    Hi Diana, thanks for the excellent ideas!

    Regarding a group of guppies, that does work great in the pond, but it's how I ended up with 80 guppies last fall and nowhere to put them!

    I never had fish until a friend gave me about 6-8 guppies last June for mosquito control. Their kid's 10g tank was overrun and they had been moving them outdoors into rain barrels to eat mosquito larvae. I just threw them in the pond with hose-water and never fed them or did anything all summer. By fall, I had 80 colorful, healthy guppies of all sizes. I moved a few males indoors to a hastily set-up 10g, but couldn't find homes for the others. Sadly, I had to donate the rest to the wildlife center as cormorant food . The indoor males did well for several months, but all except one eventually died from the (now-corrected) black sand toxicity issue.

    I was thinking guppies because my one survivor needs friends. :) The pond is in full sun, though lots of rocks, water lilies, and a bubbler fountain keep the water circulating and no more than 90F. Guppies were fine in the heat, and were still thriving at 62F when I netted them out in the fall.

    I'm actually tempted to put my CARES Melanotaenia parva out there to see if they will breed but I don't know if they would deal with the heat and I don't want to risk a rare species. I guess I could make a "roof" for the pond. I had one in the past and the wild birds were afraid to fly in under it to get a drink, so I took it down. The primary reason for the pond was to provide water for birds, though now I guess it's soon going to be a fish-breeding facility. Another fish I have that I'd love to breed is the black ruby barb. I have a group of those that are just hitting breeding age too. Again, I worry about them being able to live outdoors. Funny how fish all evolved in the outdoors, but I now consider it so risky for them to live anywhere but a climate-controlled house. :)

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