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Discussion in 'Web Site and Forum' started by Dave, Sep 30, 2010.

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    BTW, I cannot find any term to describe sperm storage other than sperm storage. In case you are wondering, this was a question that comes up in the interview with regard to the ability of livebearer females to spawn once, but then have multiple births due to sperm storage. This is not unique to fish.
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    That's a good topic. I remember talking about it in one of the classes I took in college and should remember the term, at least I'm pretty sure there is one. The closest I've found is "sperm sequestering." This is very closely related to delayed ovulation and delayed implantation, in which a female is able to store sperm, or even the embryo (in which case is just floats around until nature says "okay, attach to the uterus"), within her body until environmental conditions are good for a healthy gestation and birth. Insects, birds, reptiles and some mammalian (skunks, bats, fishers, weasels, martens... just to name a few) species have this ability.
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    Mike called me a few days later with the technical term. Since I really do not care I promptly forgot what it was.... :lol: :p
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    Ok... the poor taste joke.

    I know a guy who swears his wife has that ability. They have only had sex once, but they have three kids.

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