To strip or not to strip... (Cyp mom holding "too long")

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  1. I have ( at least) 3 Cyp females who were born and raised in a tank with several predator fish (Calvuses and Synodonts) so I rarely have any kind of population issues. It's a sad method of population control but such is life.

    Last week I decided to try to get all three holding girls out into a maternity tank, this is the first time I've tried that in years so they've never had it done to them. I got two out and then gave up on the third.

    Of the two girls, one has a very large lower jaw so she's been holding longer or she just has more in there, and the other one was less pronounced. I went in yesterday and I saw five babies swimming around the tank and the one that had been less pronounced still was holding but she looked a little bit less mouthy. This morning I went in and she had released everybody else and now I have about 12 to 15 babies.

    The problem is the other one is still holding and I fear that she's never going to release them because she somehow remembers all the times that she has and immediately lost them. (I actually don't think fish are that smart but I am attributing this to her).

    I called the LFS and they said chase around with a net for a little while she might go ahead and spit them out. That did not work. They were not a big fan of stripping her, particularly since I've never done it before.

    I took the other female out put her back in the main tank and now mom and the 12 babies are the only ones left in the maternity tank. I'll check her again tomorrow but my fear is that her babies are going to starve to death because she's never going to release them .

    If anyone reading this has any better suggestions I'm open to them but I'm not comfortable trying to strip the fish although I could bring her to the LFS and they can try it.
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    Stripping is not easy and I have never tried it with cyps. I think having the other babies in the tank may help because she can see them swimming around. It may be that she spawned a day or two after the other female.
    You could try adding small amounts of food, it could induce her to let the fry out so she can eat, but it could backfire and cause her to eat her fry.
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  3. I've added some crushed Ken's Cichlid mix for the fry plus a small sliver of Omega algae wafer, I guess I'll see what happens. I didn't like how she was breathing after I chased her I just left her alone and decided nature will do what it has to do.
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    They can hold for 3-4 weeks so it can be a nerve wracking experience.
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  5. I'll try to leave her alone and not worry.
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    You are lucky you got so many fry out of the 2. I did strip one female I have and got 3 eggs and put them in a tumbler. I moved one female in her own tank and let her spit the fry. She didn't eat them. Just a hard fish to net out and strip. It took me an hour with breaks . I'm going to move the whole group into their own tank and let them do it all naturally. I was told to put some floating plants, live or fake , for the fry to hide. The females hold forever it seems.
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  7. I once saw a preemie fry (eggsac plus eyes and wee tail) on my tank floor as I was cleaning - mom must have spit too early and the Calvuses didn't notice this one - I put it in a soft net inside a fry net box hanging inside tank and aimed an airstone under that. Baby eventually grew out and I introduced him into tank - his name is Eggie and he is still part of the big family.
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  8. Yay. mom spit the rest out! Mom.jpg
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    Very lucky indeed
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  10. Yup, I'll put her in main tank tomorrow, I gave her some flakes and crushed a few for the fry.
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    Thats awesome, I might be interested in some fry when they are bigger
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    With your bristlenose and cyp fry you'd be off to a good start in the clubs breeder award program, when they are big enough consider bringing some to a club meeting.
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  13. I read about that. I bring them in a bag and donate them? I guess that is fine, I'd rather they get given/auctioned to nice members and others rather than the LFS making a huge profit and selling them to someone who might not treat them nicely.

    It'll be a while before they're big enough to do anything with.
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    Yes, BAP is a fun and rewarding program for both the club and the hobbiest. It would be great to have another to join in the fun . Just great people and it helps the club keep going. If you have any questions about this either ask Sean or myself. There is a BAP section on the first page if you have time. Either way whatever you decide, we are happy you are here and participating on the forum
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  15. Yes, I started to read about it. My goal is always to find good homes for any babies that I save from the Calvuses, not profit. If it helps the club and the members I'm all for it. I'm not a member yet, I missed the August meeting and I won't be around for Cataclysm, but will show up in October, unknown whether these fry will be big enough then or not. My Cyps tend to get large fast.
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    that is how we do things in the club. Pass around fish and help each other out. If you ever have questions on anything we will do our best to help. We would love to have you at a meeting. Just a bunch of great people I think you would enjoy everything.
  17. Well, this morning I had 31 Cyp babies and now I have 6 after the auction. I wrangled my way in line to be the runner for all 3 bags of my grandkids. Here is a picture of the presumptive dad, I should have put that in the auction but they seemed to be in high demand anyway.

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