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Discussion in 'Web Site and Forum' started by JustinW, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. JustinW

    JustinW Member

    When an admin deletes a thread, why don't they send a pm letting the person know why it was done?
  2. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    Maybe it wasn't deleted, maybe it is just a Jedi Mind Trick
  3. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Usually when admin's delete a thread it is because a Robot got in and posted something inappropriate. If you had a thread deleted send me a pm.
  4. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    I believe the thread was deleted because you where attempting to sell non fish related items. We would prefer that only things directly related to the aquarium hobby be listed for sale on our site in order to avoid the for sale area becoming a thrift store.
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  5. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    I messaged Justin as I was the one that deleted the thread. I didn't notice he was asking to trade those things for aquarium equipment. I told him he could repost if he made that clear. On second thought though, this could get out of hand if people start trying to trade all sorts of items for aquarium equipment. We could have people posting TVs, bicycles, and who knows what. I think the EB should discuss this at the next meeting.
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I agree. We don't need our forum turning into Craigslist.
  7. JustinW

    JustinW Member

    I know there's people in the hobby that have other pets. I only decided to post because I seen another post with the exact same request as I put(sale or trade) which by the way didn't get deleted. odd
  8. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    I didn't see that post or I would have deleted it too. I looked after you mentioned it. What day was it posted?
  9. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    I found it and have written to the poster about this discussion. It was not an intentional oversight. We are just volunteers monitoring this forum as a free service to the community. I do it in my free time, so I don't necessarily see every post.
  10. JustinW

    JustinW Member

    Just an observation
  11. bahamafj11

    bahamafj11 Well-Known Member

    "It's all about the fish.....................................................................";)
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  12. AreYouKiddingMe

    AreYouKiddingMe Active Member

    Well then i think we need to stop with this aquatic plant and invertebrate bullsh*t.. lol
  13. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    We've been down this road before, and with Justin. A long time ago the EB agreed to only allow aquarium related items.
  14. JustinW

    JustinW Member

    When did I cross this path in the past?

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