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Discussion in 'Foster home' started by AssassinJimmie, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    long story short a fluorescent light fixture in my fishroom short circuited and started a fire. The damage from the actual fire is limited to a few broken tanks and melted equipment but the smoke damage is pretty extensive and the firefighters smashed the place up pretty good while they where doing their jobs.
    Luckily we have insurance and they are sending in a cleaning and restoration company to clean everything. I need to move all of my fish and plant out of the basement ASAP. They said it will be about 30 days to completely finish the basement and move my stuff back in.
    I will be willing to part with a number of fish permenently but there are a number of them that I will want back after about a month.
    I will be over at the house tonight to put together a complete list of the survivors that will need to move out, it if anyone has some extra tanks space that could be available for at least a month please let me know.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    I can make some room if needed.
  3. terry

    terry Member

    PM sent.
  4. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    Here is the list I have put together. I might be missing a couple and some of these are already spoken for. I will likely be available Friday afternoon/ evening if you want to come and pick any fish up from my house. I might be able to be there on Sunday as well.
    Monday morning it the hard deadline to have all living creatures out of the basement. Any fish left on Sunday will probably have to be forfeited to some of the fish stores in town
  5. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    Fish List

    Special Fish I would like back at some point:

    Mekong River Puffer - Paocochinchinensis or possibly Tetraodon palustris

    Small very aggressive soft water puffer. Can live in a 10-15 gal tank but needs to be alone. Eats snails and worms like red wigglers mostly.

    HasarOrestis-Mouse Catfish 8?

    Medium/ larger soft water catfish. Non Aggressivecommunity friendly and flake trained. Currently in a heavily planted 75g community

    SynodontisLuccippinus 10-12 adults and 10-12 juvies?

    Currently in a 33xl

    ChalinochromisBrichardi 5-6 adults and 6< juvies

    Hard water and sensitive to condition changes. Flake food

    Currently in a 33xl

    ChrysichthysOrnatus -2

    Medium-large African catfish-medium to soft water

    Eat flake, worms, and feeder guppies-will eat any fish they can fit in their mouths

    Currently just the pair in a 33xl


    Small reclusive fish. Soft water and eats flake.

    L271-3 younger fish

    Easy to keep. Soft water wood eater. Prefer warmer water.

    I hatched these and have been raising them for quite a while.

    -corydoras punctatus-5?

    -cory duplicarius-3?

    -cory orange lazer -2-5?

    -cw52 -2?

    -cw69? I cant remember-8+ fish?

    The rest of my fish:

    I don’t know when I will be able to put my fishroomback together or what that will even look like so at this point I am basically surrendering these fish. If you want to foster any of them I would appreciate it and will try to be able to get them back at some point. I am offering these up for free to good homes. If you want to “buy” any of these (since some people have mentioned being uncomfortable about taking free fish) I am more than willing to accept cash in exchange for any fish. I won’t set a price just pay what you are willing. I really just need to get them out of my house so the cleaning company can work in my basement. They wont start deep cleaning the basement until the fish are gone since they are worried about soot from the smoke being stirred up and contaminating the tanks (awesome company they really do seem to care).

    -ThorichthysMaculipinnis -10?

    -Upside down catfish -3

    -Bristlenose –brown and albino-unkown number- maybe 6-8 adults and quite a few juvies fry and young adults

    -Guppies-a couple dozen mostly younger ones.

    -thorichthysmeeki-old pair

    -axolotl –pair- have spawned a few times


    -neon tetra-25-30?

    -pygmy cory-10?

    -f2(maybe)altum angels-4

    -dicrossusfilamentosus –there where 4-5 but haven’t seen since fire so?

    -Julidochromis ? (I cant remember which species I have. I have been growing this colony slowly for a long time. Either dickfeldi, regani, or possibly ornatusbut probably one of the first too. There isn’t enough light right not to properly identify)5-10 fish

    -corytrillineatus -2 older fish-bred by me a long time ago

    -Apistoenutus- had a male and a few females but haven’t seen any since the fire

    -Wild type bettas -2 males I think

    -P. Gardneri -2 pairs.

    -Farlowella Catfish 3-4?

    -Kribs-maybe 12 adults and sub adults

    -cynotilapiazebroides cobue-3 1 male 2 females I think

    -I have a number of other random solo fish. Some cichlids and a rainbows and other odds an ends.

    I also have a large number of plants that I am not sure what to do with. I would really like some of these back when I do try and set some tanks back up. Mostly the anubius since I tend to base my tanks around these as live structural fixtures.

    I might try and house some here but I will have to let a lot go along with the fish.

    I have dozens of anubius ranging from very small to large. A number of the larger ones have been allowed to grow emergent. I would send these with fish if adequate housing is available.

    I also have tons of val

    Assorted crypt

    Some swords

    Java moss

    Peace lily-fully emergent plant


    And more that I cant list at the moment
  6. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    How's the clean up going? Will you be needing anything to get the fishroom up and running again?
  7. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    Are you ready to get your fish back yet?

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