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Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by Hezwee, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Hezwee

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    I am new to the group and forum. I have a 75 tank that has a mixed bag of Tanganyikans...7 line Frontosa, Julie, a shell dweller, sexifaciatus, and a hap Moori (blue dolphin...I know it’s Malawi) that my wife talked me into buying. I was hoping to have a “community style” tank with other non cichlids, but haven’t tried to add other species yet. I used to have a similar tank while in college, with rainbows and fast moving schooling fish, but I’m kinda stuck with limited stores (and poor quality), and lack of creativity. Anyone have suggestions for other tangs or “other”fish? Thank you.
  2. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Most of the synodontis catfish would work in that tank, just make sure you pick ones that won’t get too big. There are lots of other Tanganyikan Cichlids with differently body styles that work work as well, maybe a group of Tropheus or Cyprichromis
  3. Hezwee

    Hezwee New Member

    Thanks Sean. I have wanted to get some Cyprichromis and Synodontis, but have struggled to find any at Living Art or even when I venture down to Milwaukee at Aquatics Unlimited. I have seen some Synodontis, but feel that 30 bucks for a fish that my frontosa could fit in its mouth is not a smart move. So, if anyone knows of some that are at least an inch long at a reasonable price, I’m game. I appreciate the advice. What do you think about Black Calvus as well?
    Thanks again
  4. hazard

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    I sell synodontis petricola for $4 each at 1". I am low on quantity. I also have some in the 1/2"-3/4" range

    Your frontosa will probably eat most of your fish at some point.
  5. Marine590622

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    I hear you on the limited quality/selection in the local stores. Good reason to attend club meetings.
  6. Hezwee

    Hezwee New Member

    I just discovered this group, and am excited to get to a meeting in the near future. I’m excited that there are other finatics (pun and spelling intended) like me.
  7. JeffW

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  8. Tom

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    Yes we are a bunch of FISHY-HOBBY people. Welcome.

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