Stocking recommendation for 50g planted tank?

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    Hi all, my husband Kevin and I are new members and just brought home our 50g planted tank from the Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship. (Attached photo was taken just after setting it up last night in the living room)). I would love to pick your collective brains for stocking ideas.

    We're new fishkeepers. We got a 50g in Sept. and stocked it with small, peaceful fish that as adults will average 2" in size . We have schools of rummynose & ember tetras, Sterbai & aeneus cories, otos, a few male guppies, one female betta, and two young yoyo loaches.

    We have just set up the new 50 gallon as "THE" display tank in the living room and are cycling it. It is heavily planted/ferts/high-light, but no CO2. My 82 year old mom lives with us, and complains our current fish are too bland and tiny. So we want to stock the new tank with colorful fish from maybe 2-5" that will look more to my mom like a reef tank.

    We're looking for suggestions for 3-4 compatible species (~ 4 fish per group)... or a single colorful and interesting species.
    • Spawning is fine if overpopulation isn't an issue, and if the parents don't injure each other or other community fish.
    • Fish have to be okay for a planted tank--so no Malawi cichlids.
    • Bonus points for fish that are compatible with otos and cories. I am hoping to have some of each in the new tank.
    Some fish that I have been interested in are dwarf cichlids (esp. Apisto borelli) or kribs, but I will consider any and all suggestions.

    Thanks in advance for any stocking advice.

    Sharon Page

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