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Discussion in 'Catfish and Bottom Dwellers' started by Tellerz, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Tellerz

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    It's been a long time in the making, but yesterday I decide it was finally time to move my 2 year old Columbian Shark Catfish into the 125 gallon tank that I got just for him (from Dan). It's been cycling for weeks now, with a nice school of guppies in there and hundreds of little fry to munch upon. I even get a school of 4 tiny baby sharks, hoping they would be Flash's (my big one) friend.

    I wasn't sure how he would relate to fish so much smaller than him. He's been alone for so long. I just didn't realize when I got him that they are schooling fish.

    I took this video within minutes of finally releasing him to swim free in the tank. He hit it off with the youngsters right away. They seem to have accepted him as their leader and follow him everywhere. When he's at rest they gather around him and "cuddle up" against him. It's really cute, and also a little bizarre... I haven't seen behavior like this from fish before. I've seen schooling fish before, but this little group almost seems like a parent and 4 babies.

    Anyways... enjoy the video if you'd like to. It's pretty cute! ... ature=plcp
  2. ssthor

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    That's neat. Wait till they all get big then it'll be a spectacular sight.
  3. Tellerz

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    Alas, the babies died off. That's what you get from buying them at petsmart. Flash is still doing great.
  4. JustinW

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    That cat(4 legs) had me crackin up. Love cats that are awnry as hell

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