Pteronotropis welaka - Bluenose Shiner

Discussion in 'Native Fish' started by dxiong5, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Has anyone kept these? There is an auction for a group of them on Aquabid and they are beautiful. Just curious as to how they do in aquariums and if anyone had any experience with them (and if they can even be kept in captivity).

    Aquabid link: ... 1280975108
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    From what I have read on nanfa, they live normally for a year, spawn in sunfish beds and die. Until recently, no one had kept them much longer than a year, but Brian Zimmerman is having some 2 year old's still breeding in his outdoor ponds. They are a delicate species from what I have read, but they are beautiful.

    As far as if they can be kept, here is the list of cyprinids that cannot be kept in wisconsin ( this is just a list of fish not occuring in wisconsin)
    Cyprinidae (Minnows and Carps)

    10 Mountain Redbelly Dace Chrosomus oreas (formerly Phoxinus oreas)

    11 Tennessee Dace Chrosomus tennesseensis (formerly Phoxinus tennesseensis)

    12 Rosyside Dace Clinostomus funduloides

    13 Satinfin Shiner Cyprinella analostana

    14 Red Shiner Cyprinella lutrensis

    15 Steelcolor Shiner Cyprinella whipplei

    16 Streamline Chub Erimystax dissimilis

    17 Toungetied Minnow Exoglossum laurae

    18 Cutlips Minnow Exoglossum maxillingua

    19 Western Silvery Minnow Hybognathus argyritis

    20 Plains Minnow Hybognathus placitus

    21 Eastern Silvery Minnow Hybognathus regius

    22 Bigeye Chub Hybopsis amblops

    23 Rosefin Shiner Lythrurus ardens

    24 Ribbon Shiner Lythrurus fumeus

    25 Sturgeon Chub Macrohybopsis gelida

    26 Sicklefin Chub Macrohybopsis meeki

    27 River Chub Nocomis micropogon

    28 Comely Shiner Notropis amoenus

    29 Popeye Shiner Notropis ariommus

    30 Bridle Shiner Notropis bifrenatus

    31 Bigeye Shiner Notropis boops

    32 Silverjaw Minnow Notropis buccatus

    33 Silver Shiner Notropis photogenis

    34 Swallowtail Shiner Notropis procne

    35 Silverband Shiner Notropis shumardi

    36 Redside Shiner Richardsonius balteatus

    37 Fallfish Semotilus corporalis

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