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Discussion in 'General Pond Keeping' started by Scott Wiersema, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Scott Wiersema

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    This probably a dumb question. I am assuming that I should remove leaves and litter from last to minimize nymphs from last year.

    I understand that I need a marine hose so I don't put algaecide in the water.

    When is the best time to full the tank? I just put the liner back so rainwater will collect.
  2. power

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    I remove most leaves from my pond in fall and what ever left in spring, I use a algaecide that's plant safe in my pond helped get rid of the spring algae bloom but I heavy aerate my pond. you can start the tank up any time now I have been running for almost a month if not more. just depends on what you putting in for fish
  3. duane stuermer

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    I have 2 ponds, cleaned out one of them April first, and filled it up, dropped in a couple water lilies I'd been over wintering in the basement a few days later, and about a week ago started adding goldfish 1 at a time, last of 4 went in yesterday. Waiting to add the 2 koi until next week.
    The second pond is for cichlids, and although only about 1000 gals, is filled with rain water year round so only gets cleaned when I pull out the cichlids in late fall.
    Probably won't add the Uruguayan cichlids until early May, but dropped in a couple water lilies same time as the other pond.
    I don't use algaecide in either pond, so they usually gets pretty green late in May, but seem to miraculously clear end of June.
    My guess is that's when fry usually hatch out and control it naturally, but I also use foam fractionators which do a good job of removing any free floating algae and debris.
    click on pic to see the fractionator doing is job
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