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Discussion in 'Member's Blogs' started by fishlady, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I really enjoy the Forum. I am on it twice a day or more. The Forum is just not as active in the summer time.
    Hang in there Pat we all enjoy your posts.

  2. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Moved 3 dominant male Hap Brownae to the mixed tank and did a major water change while siphoning the gravel. It will be fun to see how many more males color up and figure out their area. Hoping the new males won't catch on to what the multipunctatus are up to, I think the dominant males that were in there were starting to catch on.
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  3. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Got 4 L200 today. I am hoping and praying I will end up with a breeding group.
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  4. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    How are the L494s you got from me doing? I have noticed one of my males really showing off lately and wondered if yours were doing the same?
  5. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    They hide all the time, haven't seen them in a while.
  6. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Lots of fish tetris (moving fish from 1 tank to a different one) and some fish that were in tap are slowly getting changed over to rain, which is their preferred water. Hoping that will get some breeding happening.
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  7. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Got 2 tanks on their new stand today and water testing them tonight. A 75 gallon and a 50 low boy. Not sure what to put in the low boy yet but it's differently going to be pleco's, just not sure which ones. Now I have to get heaters and look through what I have down in the basement to figure out how to decorate them. Might have to do some trading.....

    Hoping to set up some 20 longs but that will have to wait for a while.
  8. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Did some more work in the fish room today. Will have to do more tomorrow. Finding a bunch of stuff I won't be using and not finding some of the stuff I need.

    Who wants to do some trading?
  9. Rockriverfish

    Rockriverfish Executive Board

    I have plenty of field stone (all sizes) if needed for decoration.
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  10. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    I think I have the fish room ready for being neglected for a bit and the 2 tanks ready for the new fish that should be arriving.

    Things I never thought would happen in my fishroom:

    I now have less than 10 bn pleco's (most are large males if anyone is looking for one)
    I ran out of rock, plants, and wood to decorate all my tanks
    The "display tank" looks pretty empty.

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