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Discussion in 'Member's Blogs' started by fishlady, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Played tank tetris and now I have a empty 55 over 33xl set up I can sell.
  2. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    Not much happening with the fishroom right now. Having our bathroom remodeled currently. Due to it being structurally unsound and totally out of code getting it fixed correctly has put the project way over budget. So I am needing to sell whatever I can to help cover the cost. Please feel free to make reasonable offers on whatever I have that you might be interested in purchasing.
  3. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    The 5' acrylic tank has left the fishroom and is on it's way to it's new home. Now the only tanks running are the 5 20 highs and a 33xl in the basement and the 2 display tanks in the living room.

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