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Discussion in 'Member's Blogs' started by REVTODD, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I missed you Todd!!
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    There is a pretty definitive limit to their tolerances when it comes to water. I did most of my undergraduate research with D. magna and Ceriodaphnia dubia and what happens is that when water quality deteriorates you will start to see males in a culture that is normally all female, they are switching to sexual reproduction and generally this is a sign the culture is about to crash completely. On occasion the ephipia (eggs) will hatch in enough numbers to re-establish the culture, but in my experience it's been very hit-or-miss, particularly with C. dubia

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    I have found with my Daphnia cultures if the water turns brown (instead of clear) I have to a big water change or it will crash soon. This is the biggest reason I try to have 4 or 5 cultures going all the times. One of the culture that crashed last week got a 50% water change and put back on the shelf. Last night there were swimmers in it! I believe that my biggest problem with Daphnia is figuring out how much is the right amount to feed without overwhelming the culture with Spirulina. The one thing that has been consistent in all of this is the fact that when the culture looks like it doing very well it is the time to cut it.
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    Shellie tub with Mr. Fuz Fuz looking on.
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    AAH! You weren't at the meeting this weekend where the Grimey went to the guy who had a cat eat all the fish in one of his tanks! I hope Mr. Fuz Fuz doesn't have a key to the closet. Cool pic though! It looks very cozy in there.

    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    Patrick is a good guy. He came in and showed me his key chain.

    Mr. fuz does not like the fish. He does love the taste of the water! He only drinks from fish water.
  7. TheyJustWantedGoldfish

    TheyJustWantedGoldfish Active Member

    I wonder what the fish think of that scratchy pink tongue? Patrick is also a good krib keeper. I bought his kribs at the auction and they are awesome!

    Are you seeing any shellie fry yet, or are they still too immature?

    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    I forgot to mention that is the biggest tub I have running. That sucker is 2 or 3 times as big as the rest.

    Did you get fry or adults from Patrick?

    We have seen on more than one occasion Mr. Fuz Fuz (real name Eddie) drinking out of Sheila's 26bow and the Gouramis trying to bite his tong! They think it is food.

    I have not seen fry yet, but I all most never see a fish.
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  9. TheyJustWantedGoldfish

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    About an inch or a little more, so I guess they are considered fry. Adorable too.

    I would love to see a video of a cat tongue being pecked by a Gourami, if you ever can get one!
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    Todd, I don't know how to do it with all of these open lid containers. I know you started doing this when you saw a plastic shoe box I was using to grow out some Danio fry, but tiny fry tend not to be able to jump much. I tried Ted's method of tubs with his old rack and a new set of tubs with poor success. I lost a lot of fish to heating issues with the heating cables, and jumpers. That rack is coming down now. I am glad to see that you are still able to make it work so well!
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    Would carp tons of moss and stuff prevent suicidal fry?

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    Yes, a crap ton of moss and Duck weed help with fish that do not normally jump... Guppy grass also...Lots of stuff on the top!
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    Whats the temperature in the closets? curious about making my room into a small fish room lol.

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    70 to 75 av. air temp. I use no heaters.
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    Haha that was me!

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    Check this out. My first one.
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    Give your cameraman a big whiskey in a DIXIE cup!
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    Hey Todd,
    That Aqueon water changer is the best, thanks for the tip! Hope you like the granola too.
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