Need some help on a new pond build for spring

Discussion in 'General Pond Keeping' started by koilover, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. koilover

    koilover New Member

    I am going to redo my pond/ponds this spring. i currently have a 10x15x2.5 epdm ft pond and a 10x10x3 ft epdm pond. in the picture (sketch) i have a 12x12 addition a deck along the right side of the addition the bigger pond is in the front of the addition and the smaller on the right side of the deck .i would like to extend the smaller pond and curl it slightly and end and connect the ponds together with a stream so the fish can go back and forth.
    my goals are plain and simple to enlarge the ponds into one or enlarge one pond to house more koi . this will all be bog filtered i would like to put a bridge over the stream

    i have a rough sketch and two pictures attached to this posting one picture shows the house and a grass space that's where the new addition to the pond will be the other pic is just of the larger koi pond. these are my questions
    1. would you trust seaming a new liner to a 3or 4 year old liner and or trust a seam altogether .
    2 would you keep two ponds and just enlarge the one .
    3 what would you do and or different ideas on layouts

    i would really appreciate some good thoughts .

    please don't laugh to much on my spelling or grammar my wife did dont proof read this

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  2. fishlady

    fishlady Well-Known Member

    If you need a large pump, water fall, and filter. I have those that I bought for my pond and never used I will sell them for what I paid for them. They are new in the box.
  3. koilover

    koilover New Member

    thanks ill keep that in mind, im going to go skimmer less and diy bog filters
  4. power

    power Member

    wow whats the point having a pond forum if its useless. people on here are worthless for ponds koilover. I'll contact you vial email this forum is crap
  5. bahamafj11

    bahamafj11 Well-Known Member

    Wow. You are a great guy! We all love having you post a LOT! Keep up the good and uplifting posts! I, for one, simply can not get enough of them!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):D
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  6. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    koilover and power are the same person...
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  7. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    This is Sybil all over again. Which personality is coming out to play next.:);):(:mad::confused::cool::p:D:eek::oops::rolleyes:o_O
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  8. JohnH

    JohnH Active Member

    Not sure who I'm responding to on this, but IMO:

    1. would you trust seaming a new liner to a 3or 4 year old liner and or trust a seam altogether . Probably not. I feel you would need to make sure every spot on the old liner was absolutely clean and free of debris to assure a good seam / seal.

    2 would you keep two ponds and just enlarge the one . If it were me, I would try to blend the two together. I think the idea of a stream connecting an upper and lower pond is pretty cool.

    3 what would you do and or different ideas on layouts. I think the only thing I might do different is add some contour (curves, narrows ect.) to the connecting stream rather than just a straight shot. I would also be thinking about the current flow path to assist good water turnover / filtration.
  9. koilover

    koilover New Member

    the two ponds are same grade but I could easily raise the grade and have one pond fall into the other pond won't be a huge fall 6" or so . But enough so I won't have to seam. I plan on adding a few curves . Also the filters will be on one end and pumps on the other and be 4000+ so should be vary good Thur circulation
  10. steve

    steve Active Member

    I would trust a well done seam in new liners but not so much if the liner is old. I would also think a small elevation change would help to get a little flow between the 2 ponds. it is nice to have a little sound of moving water. I also think the 2 pond idea is nice. I'm more of a garden design person rather than a koi lover so my pond is more naturally shaped but I would advise you to play with the design until you like it on paper, then lay it out on the ground and live with it for a week or 2 until you are sure you like it. it is a real pain to change the design after you have moved the amount of soil you will have to move to make those ponds. I would probably use some of the removed soil to elevate the uphill pond and to make a small berm to back the taller pond. look forward to watching the progress. feel free to post updates of the design and of the site as it changes. not a lot of people watch this forum especially at this time of year, but if you are a little patient you will get feedback.
  11. koilover

    koilover New Member

    thinking the same thing steve, I have more ideas on sketch paper but don't need to post every idea I have, but I have defiantly made changes and will post a better rough draft. one of them is using the roof water going into a setting chamber then feeding my ponds and using the overflow from my ponds to feed a bog before flowing into the yard . I posted this forum early to get as many possible ideas so I have a good idea what im doing once the ground unthaws. im going to add some curves to the ponds sides not a lot being this will be a hybrid koi/water garden and don't want any dead spots for water movement . I am also making the sides around the pond ware I grow plants a lot wider 2-3 ft for more room to plant plants . iris, rush, arrowhead dwarf cattail (not native kind I heard bad things with liners)
  12. JohnH

    JohnH Active Member

    I definitely agree with the wider plant shelfs. Our pond has about a 12" - 18" marginal shelf and a 12" lilly shelf (deeper water about 24" below surface). Since we keep all our plants in pots this is too narrow. If we ever build another pond, I would not go less than 2-1/2' - 3' wide. I've seen other ponds where the had a large section that was set at about 9"-15" water depth for marginal plants. This allow for a more natural placement of the plants in my opinion.
  13. steve

    steve Active Member

    my pond gets rainwater runoff from my roof and I think it helps keep the water decent.
  14. steve

    steve Active Member

    any updates like to see something happening on the pond forum in the summer, and my pond is way to weedy to show off.

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