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Discussion in 'Marine Fish' started by JesseVoss, Jul 18, 2018.

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    i am desperate for some good advice.I am currently studying Marine Biology and for my dissertation decided to do clownfish breeding. I have a tank setup split with solid dark blue dividers (so the fish cannot see each other) into 3 different environents. A very close to real environment (coral sand, live rock, bubble tip anemone), a artificial environment (fake plastic anemone, marbles and a couple of tiles), and a bare environment with nothing in at all apart from a small ceramic plant pot for the fish to lay eggs in. There is a pair of Amphiprion Ocelaris clownfish in each section. One of which i have purchased as a breeding pair which used to supply my local pet shop with baby clownfish. The experiment is to investigate which environment the clownfish spawned in most (as all the pairs will be swapped round). However, in practice this has not gone to plan... i have had the setup over a year now and no such look. No eggs AT ALL.

    I have read every bit of advice on the internet about how the setup should look, and the tank itself couldnt be more perfect. The fish are fed on a variety of different diets, and are very happy, they are showing all the signs of breeding but laying no eggs. The characterisitcs of the fish pairs are very promising, yet no results.
    I know people say just wait, and when you least expect it, they will. However i am running out of time, the dissertation will not wait for the clownifish lol. i know this dissertation choice was a big risk but i honestly didn't expect to be in this situation. i am desperate! PLEASE HELP! does anybody have anything that may help?????

    Please help

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    I know some of our local members here have had success breeding clowns, but I'm not sure how often they get on the forum.

    You can try reaching out to the Madison Area Reef Society (MARS). They have some amazingly talented hobbyists over there.

    You can also go to a local fish store and ask!
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    The biggest thing is to get a compatible pair, I purchased all of my pairs that spawned (occelaris, percula, and Premnas bimaculata) as young cb individuals and allowed them to grow up and pair off. (I actually only bought 2-3 of each). Water quality is a big deal and having a good place for them to lay their eggs. I used 6" terra cotta pots. Are they behaving like a true pair? Sometimes if they've been separated a while they won't re-establish the bond.

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