Malaysian Trumpet Snail Blues

Discussion in 'General Freshwater Aquarium Keeping' started by Megan, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. waterboy

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    Total tear down. Wash the sand or gravel good or just throw it away. Throw away any plants and decorations and start over. If there is an easier way I would like to hear about it too. Thought I heard somewhere that Flubendazole killed snails but I don't know if all or just some kinds.
  2. bahamafj11

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    Pennies. LOTS of pennies...…..
  3. fishlady

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    I have read that the product No Planaria kills snails. Has anyone tried this? Does it kill the mts?
  4. Dave74

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    Have you tried Assassin Snails? I've seen reports online that they are very effective.

    Living Art currently has some on sale, but I forget the price.

  5. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    I have tried those with no luck. The MTS reproduce faster than the assassins can eat them. If you catch the MTS when there are still only a few it would probably work though.
  6. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    I have copper pipe. How much of that would I have to put in a 55 that's completely over run?
  7. bahamafj11

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    It is completely in your hands...………..:eek:
  8. Sharon Page

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    I've heard that some people remove all fish for about a week and dose MTS with high amount of Fenbendazole (Panacur wormer, available at Mounds). You have to remove any charcoal during this. Then do several water changes and use charcoal for a while to get rid of the Fenbendazole before returning the fish.

    Another way is to remove plants and all living creatures you want to keep, and dose the tank with pure bleach, which is much easier to clear out via one water change and use of a dechlorinator. You might also be able to dose with copper, as long as there are no cories--in which case the fish and plants could stay.

    I have an assassin snail that kills pond snails in my plant quarantine tank, but never had any MTS, so don't know if they work for MTS.

    One thing I would NOT try is loaches. I have had very active and bold adult yoyo loaches for nearly a year, and they do not touch my nerite or mystery snails, or a single pond snail I dropped in once to see if they would eat. In fact, my nice juicy mystery snails like to sleep in the same cave with the loaches, and have never even been nibbled on.
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  9. fishlady

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    So far this is what I have tried. Put in clown loaches and didn't feed the tank at all for 1 month+. No dent made on the MTS but all my assassin snails got ate.

    Then I tried removing all the fish and turning the tank off. No lights, no filtration, no water movement. This drove some of MTS out of the gravel and up the sides of the tank and onto the rocks and plants. I could then run a net up the side of the tank and catch a bunch of them that way but would not clear the tank of them.

    Today I am treating the whole tank (55 gallon) with 2lb of alum. The tank had a lot of snails on the glass and plants before I added it and they appear to have come off the glass. Not sure if this is because I turned the powerheads back on to dissolve and make sure the alum got to the undergravel system as well or not. FYI the tank stinks, glad I am doing this when I can have the windows open.

    I will update more over the next couple of days and to what changes I see if any.
  10. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    Only a few small snails on the glass this morning, so far looking promising. I did turn on the lights and powerheads for a few minutes to circulate the water and so I could look for snails.

    edit: No snail movement that I can see yesterday (sat 3rd) or today (sun 4th) Treatment doesn't seem to be killing the algae or the plants. This would be day 3 of treatment. The original instructions I found for this type of treatment called for 3 teaspoons of alum per gallon of water and for 3 days. It showed that it killed pond snails. Since I am trying to kill MTS I will probably treat longer since it doesn't seem to be harming the anubia.
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  11. fishlady

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    Update: I left the alum in the tank for a week and just did 3 water changes with siphoning the gravel. All snails appear dead, algae on rocks and plants seems to have died, however the anubia doesn't seem damaged. They lost a few larger leaves but that happens naturally anyway. I now have the lights back on, the power heads running, and I added a outside filter with sponge and carbon. Tank seems to be clearing up nicely. Not sure how many more water changes I need to do.

    Looks like the ALUM killed them :):):)
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