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  1. Jerry Wallendal

    Jerry Wallendal New Member

    Hey Gang
    This is Jerry Wallendal from Jerry's Swords and More. We are planning to set up a fish room in our basement. We currently have 9 tanks upstairs but are looking to expand for production of the various species we raise. I have swordtails and guppies and he has angelfish and we are looking at running some pure lines and adding a few. My wife has guppies and mollies. My son and I are looking at coming down to Madison this week end and would like to tour a couple of fish rooms with multiple tanks to see how they are set up. Is anyone available so we could stop by. We are flexible Friday through Sunday. Feel free to visit my facebook at Jerry's Swords and More. I absolutely love the club.
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  2. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Jerry, I might be able to give you a tour on Friday, I’ll be busy with the GCCA swap on Saturday and Sunday
  3. Jerry Wallendal

    Jerry Wallendal New Member

    Ok let me see. Trying to set something up with Troy as he wants some purple Dragons. I have to tell you I love the club and it has been great for sales. The only problem is we now have to expand to meet production demand. My son is starting angelfish. He has his first ones up to free swimming and eating. I just bought him a pair of beautiful coy angels (red, white, and yellow). They were $20 a piece. He may be getting three more this weekend to create a breeding pair. Any idea who to talk to about angels?
  4. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    I have done some angel breeding, Sarah Blaser would be a good one to talk to (Physarum on the forum), Joel (babers), and Dale (waterboy) also would be great resources for angel breeding.

    Ask me about my breeding pair if you are interested in getting more pairs, I am considering selling my last pair.
  5. Physarum

    Physarum Executive Board

    Hi Jerry,
    I think I'll be home all day Saturday working on tanks if you'd like to stop by. I'm in Cambridge just east of Madison. I have a modest fishroom of 40 aquariums in a small house with no basement. I have bred a lot of angels over the last 12 years, but for the first time, I don't have any set up. I just gave my last adults to Keith and dumped the last ones I was raising up on Sean. I have one tank of silver veil fry left I guess, but I'm low on angels, more so than ever. Mostly it is central american and african cichlids these days. I don't have to mess with the water.
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  6. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    Sarah time to delve into the world of shrimp where water parameters are a must.
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  7. Dragon159

    Dragon159 Advisory Board

    I would love to talk angels but my luck is poor. Currently have 32 spawns under my belt but have yet to see any hatch. This is why I so greedily grabbed Sarah's adults. Now if we were talking corys it would be different.
  8. babers

    babers Active Member

    Hi Jerry. Would love to talk to you about angels.
  9. waterboy

    waterboy Active Member

    Yes, always happy to talk about Angels.
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  10. Jerry Wallendal

    Jerry Wallendal New Member

    We are coming down tomorrow, busy on Sat. but thanks for the offer. My son is the angel breeder (just starting out) He has his first batch about two weeks old. Ill pass info on to him,
  11. Jerry Wallendal

    Jerry Wallendal New Member

    Thanks for the reply. My son is the angelfish guy starting out. Has his first batch at about two weeks of age, I will pass your info on to him. He has been working on the third Sat. but hopes to come to a meeting sometime.
  12. Jerry Wallendal

    Jerry Wallendal New Member

    Thanks and I will pass your info on to my son who is the angel breeder.
  13. Scott Wiersema

    Scott Wiersema Executive Board

    Remember to plan out grow out space. A couple will need a lot of room.
  14. Tigerlady

    Tigerlady Executive Board


    If no one has said it (or even if they did) we are glad to have you with us. Our fish room is not exactly in good shape right now since I have been unable to get down there to clean and organize, but you are always welcome to visit. And we will be up to see your's soon.

    Thanks, Diana
  15. Jerry Wallendal

    Jerry Wallendal New Member

    My son has his about 10 days into free swimming. He has lost a lot but about 20 left that are growing. I have my first cory eggs that look viable after 2 days. Hoping they make it.
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  16. Dragon159

    Dragon159 Advisory Board

    Good luck! My first was my group of Aenaeus and they keep going every month now, so much fun to watch them grow. Wigglers appear between 3-4 days, some eggs do take 5.
  17. waterboy

    waterboy Active Member

    C. Aeneus eggs take 3 days to hatch. C. Paleatus eggs take 5 to 7 days usually. I guess that is about the range for cories. Feed them microworms.

    Are the parents raising the Angels or is he doing it artificially? What did your son feed the baby Angels the first few days? Unusual to lose any after they are free swimming and eating.
  18. babers

    babers Active Member

    First of, I commend your son for being able to raise the angels. Unusual to have a lot of deaths after freeswimming (like Dale mentioned), but there are other factors that also needs to be looked at...like first feeding, how much given each time, how often, water quality/water changes, size of the container/tank their in, lighting, etc.... A few factors. Sometimes you just have to do some trial and error, and figure out what works best for you.

    There’s a lot of great people in this forum.

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  19. waterboy

    waterboy Active Member

    That is the essence of Angelfish raising. Everybody does it a little different. Sage advice from an expert.
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  20. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    What type of Angels is your son working with?

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