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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Dragon159, Jul 10, 2017.

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    As the title says, I'm looking for a match of sorts for this young melanochromis. 123951_6_resized.jpg 123951_4_resized.jpg 123951_5_resized.jpg
    She's at about 2.5 inches and looking for short swims through the rocks and sharing flake and the occasional worm. Let me know if you have potential matches.

    I also have two male kribensis that have lost their mates so I am also looking for a couple of female pelvichromis pulcher, at least two.
  2. SteveS

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    I think those might be melanochromis auratus. It does look like a girl in the pics. I don't know any people that would have a mate. Pet stores usually have them. Males get dark in color when they turn. They have an egg spot or 2 on the anal fin that helps identify them.

    We usually get pelvicachromis pulcher at our club auctions . I have the bad luck also where I end up with just males . Females just dissappear or get killed. I know someone in the club has to have a female or two extra
  3. Dragon159

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    An update, The auratus has found a companion at LFS and doing well. I also picked up one female krib at the time too. I still am hoping to find a couple extras and can wait until auction time unless someone wants to rehome one or two sooner.
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