Intro to Goodeids: Cladistics, Morphology, CARES, & Keeping

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    We will be hosting Andrew from Andrew Piorkowski - Goodeids & The Basement Fish Room to give a presentation called: Intro to Goodeids: Cladistics, Morphology, CARES, & Long-Term Keeping of These Rare Fish on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at noon at 1000 Islands Environmental Center 1000 Beaulieu Ct, Kaukauna, WI 54130

    In this talk, Andrew will introduce both himself and goodeids, an endangered type of fish from Mexico. This in-depth discussion will go over the classification, summary and description of morphological characters, and groupings within the Family Goodeidae. You will also learn about difficulties facing the fish in the wild & species spotlights of some of the rarest or worst off fish & reasons why and different conservation programs such as CARES and the ALA SMP. Of course no talk would be complete without a crash course on husbandry; You will learn different ways to keep them & how Andrew maintains the tanks/ varying diets.

    Andrew has been keeping aquaria for 20+ years, starting with turtles before transitioning to livebearers & planted fish tanks. He was recently published as a Contributing Editor for the Journal of the American Livebearer Association (check out the column "For the Love of Goodeids"). Professionally his career is in science, primarily in the fields of microbiology & chemistry, though most people probably know him from his YouTube channel dedicated to goodeids & other wild-type livebearers.

    Actively engaged in long term species maintenance, there are currently more than 40 different types of goodeid in his fish room, and it is likely one of the largest private collections of these rare fish you are going to find in a single place.

    The talk will be followed by an auction of donated goods, an awards ceremony, and a GBAS meeting.

    Tickets go on Sale September 1st!

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