Fundlupanchax gardneri gardneri "steel blue lyretail"

Discussion in 'Foster home' started by AssassinJimmie, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    I've got three males and two females right now. They are starting to get a little old but they are still spawning constantly. I can lend out two pairs and I know someone who might want the lonely male. These are really cool and very colorful. I will post a pic tomorrow.
  2. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

  3. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    I would be interested in giving them a try but I don't know anything about them so would need lots of info.
  4. Heuk21

    Heuk21 Member

    they are very easy to keep and breed. Mine as kept in an unheated 10g tank with lots of moss and small light. They breed constantly in the moss. I don't pick the eggs and there is frys popping here and there.
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  5. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    What type of moss?
  6. Scott Wiersema

    Scott Wiersema Executive Board

    I think it would Java Moss or similar plants. You can also try yarn spawn mops green or brown colored.
  7. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    Yes he had Java moss in his tank I was there a couple weeks ago. Mops work well to I use both mops and moss.
  8. Jphong

    Jphong New Member

    Is this still available?
  9. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    This post is very old. I had a couple left that I was selling but they are gone.

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