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  1. Jackd

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    Anyone playing with FH's up there? Figured I should ask even though not everyone likes them those that do really like them. I raise quite a few of them and I am trying to get better at growing nice ones. Jack
  2. Dave

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    Not many Flowerhorn fans in the area, but I think there are a few. Do you have any pics to share of yours? There was a brief shot of your pair in a cube tank. I was surprised to see that they are not tearing each other up in what I would have thought was a small tank for FH.
  3. Jackd

    Jackd New Member

    That was a very compatible pair. They were in probably 80 gallon cube but you are right not much space for the average FH pair. I will try to put up a photobucket link or something for other pictures of some of my fish. Thanks for asking. Jack
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    EVOLTNVII Member

    Nice fishroom pretty impressive
  8. Xolouerez

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    No flowerhorn cichlid can mess with the cichlid I'm getting called the (RED PHOENIX KING CICHLID).which is from south and central America and grows up to a large 32 inches.

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