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    First off...I'm not as active as a member as I want to be being that I always work weekends due to school and my kids. I hope that doing this blog would help me interact with fellow MAAH members. I'm always off and on with my fish hobby but I have decided to really try to commit to some certain species particularly, the ones that have been on my "to keep" list. One at a time...eventually I hope to have a bigger place to expand my hobby and love for fish.

    The first group of fish I have invested in trying to keep long term is the dozen of calico bristlenose pleco juvies I purchased from Chris(hazard) a few weeks ago. I've been reading and hearing a lot about calico plecos these days where they are not clean...meaning some of the calicos these days are the "super red" culls. I am assuming that the super red line came from calico line. I feel that is my duty as a hobbyist to keep this variant of bnp as clean as possible. I know the line that I have now is clean because I trust the source it came from.

    The second group I have consists of 7 blue eyes abnp juvies purchased from Marcel(Roseline17). I've always just liked these guys a lot even since I've first seen them at my cousins house a few years back.

    I have both groups growing out in a planted 30 long. I also added a dozen sakura red cherry shrimp that I got from a good buddy of mine.

    My 4th group is a group of 11 Lamprologus signatus juvies. These were the very first shellies I kept and they are super hard to get a hold of. I kept and bred a young pair back in '08 and passed it on to my cousin due to me moving. Something happened and they didn't make it and I haven't been able to track any down until this year. I was looking for a 33 long to keep them in but wasn't able to find a used one for a good price. I simply dropped my water in my 55 gal to about half. I am glad to say they are doing well and hopefully by the end of summer I will be able to have my first couple pairs.

    I have a soft spot for nano fish and am looking to add...maybe one or two groups in my 30...with all the plants I figured I have to at least have a few "accidental spawning" take place.
    Nano fish wish list:
    Black darter tetra Poecilocharax weitzmani
    Ember tetra Hyphessobrycon amandae
    Neon rasbora Sundadanio axelrodi
    Red line rasbora Trigonopoma pauciperforatum
    Exclamation rasbora Boraras urophthalmoides
    Emerald eye rasbora Brevibora dorsiocellata

    ...I was suppose to buy some pygmy corys this past week buuuuuutt, that person decided to not text me back. Oh well, more time to think about my choices.

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  2. hmglis

    hmglis Active Member

    heres my L. signatus

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  3. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Off to a nice start with the blog.
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  4. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    Where did you get the L. signatus, and can you get more?
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  5. hmglis

    hmglis Active Member

    L. signatus came from Nevada. Not sure if I remember correctly but I believe these are German strain. I don't even know what its suppose to mean "German strain", all I care is that I got them now. LOL. I'll talk to my source again to see if he has any left.
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  6. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    Very nice setup!
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  7. hmglis

    hmglis Active Member

    Thanks Eric! I wish I could have a nicely planted tank like yours but I have the worst green thumb. My 30 long isn't even really planted. It is filled with easy to grow plants...duckweed, java moss, naja grass, java fern, and 2 small amazon swords. I can never keep java fern alive. They seem to always get the dark blotches on them or yellow and die off. I do put in some iron supplement but for the most part it doesn't do much for them. My driftwood has a few holes that their rhizomes fit nicely in. My amazon swords however, are doing fantastic. I have them both planted in a clay pot. I filled the 3/4 of the clay pot with soil, planted the swords in about 1.5-2 inches deep, and then covered the top with some pea pebbles. They have been shooting out new leaves which I guess is a good sign. I have an old light and its not even too strong. I do have have a good amount of sunlight that hits the tank in the morning and late afternoon. I might just end up giving the java fern my cousin who can grow them like nothing. LOL.
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  8. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    Swords work great. I've got a couple that we received in the plant package several months ago, and they are touching the sides of my 30 long. They are also in pots, planted about the same way you did. I have the same problem with Java fern. It may be a deficiency of some sort, but I don't know. I like to stick to easy plants in my fish tanks anyways.
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  9. hmglis

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    Quick update...nothing really special. Doing regular water changes every 2-3 days and feeding my fish 3-4 times a day. I think can sex L. signatus now. Out of the 11, I think it is safe to say that I have 4 males and 3 females which leaves 4 that are still a bit small. The ones that I think are males are showing some definite vertical "tiger stripes" as I refer to them and are more slender. The females do not show much of anything but a sort of gold belly with the juvenile dots sort of fading away and that they are a bit bulky in the belly area. Still too small to breed but I so look forward to it when they do! For reason I think my group here is going to be male heavy.

    I'm going to be posting a pictures of my 2 amazon swords in their clay pots. They have been doing well but I think their leaves are soft because I can see the spots where the plecos have been nibbling away. I narrowed down my choice of fish to add with my plecos so that my kids can see the fish actively swimming around. My cousin in has some Ginga Rubra guppies that he needs to get rid of and I'm going to pick them up...whenever I have time to travel there. LOL. They are some pretty neat looking strain of guppies from FL I believe.

    I have 2 more fish on my dream list:
    Pelvicachromis subocellatus...don't know how I'm going to track this one down but its not anytime soon
    Dario hysginon...Rachel O'leary has these on her website

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  10. Detautafni

    Detautafni Active Member

    that ginga rubra male looks mixed
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  11. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    Looks right to me. They all have different patterns just like a finger print.
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  12. Cinnamonsticks

    Cinnamonsticks Moderator

    I'm horrible at plants too, but you will eventually make something look good and then ruin it ;)

    I really like the calico catfish.
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  13. hmglis

    hmglis Active Member

    Aiden, I`m not fimiliar with fancy guppies. I have only kept a few in the past but I`m pretty positive that this line my cousin has is pure. If not, oh well not a big deal its still a pretty fish.
  14. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    Who did you get yours from I had some that were from the same line as Juny Lee. They are nice.
  15. hmglis

    hmglis Active Member

    Jeff, I didn`t get them yet but I will be getting them from Juny...who is my cousin lol
  16. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    I knew that. Yes his line is great.
  17. hmglis

    hmglis Active Member

    Woke up to a dead calico bnp this morning. Not sure what happened there. Must have past over night because they were fine last night. Platies, snails and shrimp were on it when I found it. Its ok I guess. Unexpected things like this is why I probably invested in a bigger group. You never know. I think I should start doing more vigorous water changes. I was expecting my blue eyes to grow faster but it seems as though they have stalled since I bought them the beginning of this year. I have only noticed growth in 2 of the 7 plecos. The rest seems like they did not grow. Since I made the switch to Aquadine and blanched zucchini, they have been actively feeding and less shy but thats about it.
  18. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    I lost a super red female and an albino bristlenose over night. No reason all other fish are doing good even the fry in the same tank. Albino was 5 years old and was the father of the last spawn. I have plenty of albinos but really liked this one. Your right that's why I like larger groups.
  19. hazard

    hazard Active Member

    that is to bad that you lost a calico. I have more!!!

    how are the signatus doing?
  20. hmglis

    hmglis Active Member

    Chris, I`ll be sure to grab more if I need more in the future. The sigs are doing good. Waiting for them to mature seems to be taking way too long. Lol

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