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Discussion in 'Web Site and Forum' started by Aquaticus, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    Is there a way to edit or delete our for sale posts?
  2. Cinnamonsticks

    Cinnamonsticks Moderator

    I can do anything. What is your request? I think its a power. I've seen others edit their posts.
  3. jcvang

    jcvang Member

    We can edited it but can't delete it though cause there are still old post that are still up.
  4. Aquaticus

    Aquaticus Administrator

    I can't edit my for sale post after 120 minutes. It might be nice to change the permissions on that forum to allow indefinite editing and deleting of your posts. That way, if something sells, you can delete the post.
  5. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    I can't quote anyone. I click the reply on someone else's post but it doesn't show up in my post.
  6. JeffW

    JeffW Well-Known Member

    Same with mine many times I have tried to quote a post and it will not do it. Also can't edit a post like Eric said after 2 hours. Use to be able to but can't any more. Makes life much simpler to delete something off the original post and not have to keep typing in everything that's sold.

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  7. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Would it be at all helpful if I created a separate, easy to edit website for the club that allowed people to list items they have for sale? I could even add an auction feature in addition to a straight list. Each person would be able to log in and list their own items, deleting items as they were sold. I'll come up with an example and post the link.
  8. Cinnamonsticks

    Cinnamonsticks Moderator

    MAAH is mostly funded by the 20% from the auction at the meetings. I think the separate website would only work if MAAH got a portion of the sale. This isn't a for profit business, but if we want to have speakers and cool stuff, we need money going into the club.

    Megan, I suggest bringing your website to the Executive Board.
  9. fairbear83

    fairbear83 Active Member

    Like Cassandra said I think it depends on your permissions assigned to you in the forum.
  10. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Just in case there was a misunderstanding, I wasn't planning on taking a cut of the sales. I thought it could be a perk of membership. Or maybe people who want to list on the site could pay the club a yearly fee. If the club has a PayPal account, we could have the payments go to the club which would then write the seller out a check each month for their percentage of the sales. The auction plugin I mentioned can automatically take off a certain percentage. There is a "Buy It Now" feature, just like Ebay and Aquabid, if people don't want to mess with people bidding on their fish. Maybe that would be the way to go. How do I bring the site to the Executive Board? Should I send them each a link or would I present the site to them at a meeting. That might be best as there may be questions that aren't easily answered via email.
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  11. Cinnamonsticks

    Cinnamonsticks Moderator

    No misunderstanding. I'm an accountant. It's all about money with me ;) I just wanted to get that important information out before we get ahead of ourselves.
    The new board will be announced tomorrow. Let them settle in and send a PM to all of 'em.
  12. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Megan, let's get you on the Website committee, get you the rights to make changes, and then see what you can to to adjust the permissions on what we have before we jump whole hog into a new website just to address the permissions issue. There is some history behind the way we have things set up now.
  13. Marine590622

    Marine590622 Advisory Board Staff Member

    Megan are you going to be able to make it to the EB and Planning meeting on Monday night?
  14. Megan

    Megan Executive Board Staff Member

    Yes. I am coming to present on the location search. I also have a start on a new website, which I did for a class, but that should probably wait until the web committee meets. If possible, I'd like to meet before the Feb EB meeting in Feb. I won't be able to attend as I have a class MW evenings, but someone else could do so pretty easily.

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