EB Minutes March 3/16/19

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  1. LZimm

    LZimm Executive Board

    Meeting called to order at 11:45
    Members Present:
    Ted J.
    Sean S.
    Sarah S.
    Logan Z.
    Dan R.
    Scott W.

    Also Present:

    Previous Minutes Approved

    President Report:

    Tresurers Report:
    $642 made from February's auction
    $213 from February membership
    Owe speaker
    Tax Exempt form filed

    42 Attendees at February Meeting

    Vice President's Report:
    Inventory of supplies still needs to be done.

    Still working on 50 gallon raffle plan.

    Still looking into DNR Assistance
    Diana is assisting Randy
    Check for locations

    Catfish Cataclysm:
    Sold 1 of the 20 Gallon Long setups
    Stands for the tank setups were too expensive.

    New Business:
    Fellow of the MAAH
    -Read through the information for next meeting: April
    -Review, send any edits to Ted ASAP

    Proposed: Program Chair responsible for Meeting Venue
    -Motion carried

    Think about GLAC Tank Risers

    Meeting Adjourned

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