Cory Eggs First Time Ever

Discussion in 'Catfish and Bottom Dwellers' started by Bushman, Oct 8, 2012.

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    OMG, I just went down to the basement to feed my fish, and what do I see? No, not eight tiny reindeer. About 200 small clear eggs stuck to three sides of my 20 long. I just put some guppies in a 5 gallon a few hours earlier, after taking out the LF BN albino fry that weren't doing so good in there. So now I had to net out all the guppies and put some of the eggs in there. It was especially fun getting the eggs off of the razor blade I used to scrape the eggs off the side. I left at least 50 eggs in the tank. Caviar anyone? I will be extremely pleased if I get any fry to hatch and not die. The weird thing is, I did nothing to get these guys to spawn. They are close to ten years old and I have never seen eggs before. LOL, the tank is quite dirty and I was planning on cleaning it today.
  2. tjudy

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    Cool! DO you have any methylene blue? If so, add it to the container with the eggs until it is about 2-3x darker than 'sky blue' and add aeration. The eggs will hatch in about 3 days, but the fry will not eat for another two days or so. If you have microworms or paramecium, go ahead and put a small amount in with the hatchlings a day after they are wiggling about, so there is food in there when they are ready to eat. Once they are eating, I feed baby brine, paramecium and dry Repashy Spawn & Grow (very small amount) daily, and do a 50% water change each day with tank water. (I hatch cory fry in 1 liter plastic cups.) After a week of water changes and feeding I transfer the fry to a grow out bin or tank.
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    I put the eggs in a small glass goldfish bowl with air and a small heater. I have found that 1/4 of a fungus clear fizz tab works. I get them at walmart if you can't find methylene blue. About 1/2 of a fungus clear tablet per gallon seems to keep the fungus away. The fry are really tiny when they hatch you have to watch closely. I feed microworms and newly hatched baby brine shrimp. 50% water change every day with fresh well water. Be careful not to throw the babies out with the tank water. I have albino cories, so if I siphon anywhere near the bottom, I siphon into a black cup and check very carefully for babies before discarding.

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