Can we see your tank setups?

Discussion in 'MAAH Social Forum' started by Sharon Page, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Sharon Page

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    Hi all,

    My husband Kevin and I are new members from McFarland (2 houses outside Madison) who currently have 3 planted and stocked tanks: 10g, 50g, 55g.

    We are trying to find out if we want to expand, and how much. We thought it would be fun to visit a few other club members in the Madison area to see how they have things set up. For instance, at what point do people switch to having a fish room and an automatic WC system? How is a breeder tank set up differently from a display tank?

    We'd enjoy being able to stop in for half an hour some weekend to check out how people have their tanks set up. No tidying up required--we want to see a "typical" setup as it looks on a normal basis. Any number of tanks would be of interest--we're hoping to see a range, from maybe 5 tanks to 50+.

    If you're willing to show off your tanks to us, please shoot us an email: As a thank-you we plan to arrive with the take-out of your choice. :)

  2. Rick

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    In my case it was an EVOLUTION not a REVOLUTION. Before I knew it I had a little over 100 tanks. I have scaled back over the last few years. I think I have about 80 now. Many 2.5, 5,and 10 gallon tanks. I breed mainly killifish, so almost all of my tanks are bare, unheated, and with a sponge filter. If you can dedicate a room in the basement, that would be the way to go. of course ambient temperature is a big factor. This is just the tip of the fish room "Iceberg"
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  3. Sharon Page

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    Thanks for writing, Rick. Killifish seem to be really addictive, and they are great because you can have the smaller tanks with no heaters. I found a website of a couple in Holland that have 160 Killifish tanks set up throughout their house:
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