Calling all aquascapers! Register now for the MAAH Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship!

Discussion in 'Upcoming MAAH Events' started by Mike F, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    Registration and apparel orders are now open for the 2nd annual MAAH aquascaping event! There are a limited number of spots, so PLEASE register early if you are interested in competing. We will also be registering people for the contest this weekend (Nov. 3-5) at Aquatic Experience and entry spots will fill up quickly!

    The Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship is an Aquatic Gardeners Association sanctioned event. The event is held in conjunction with Wisconsin Public Television’s Garden Expo and is an educational event designed to promote and showcase the hobby of aquatic gardening. It will be held Feb. 9-11, 2018 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

    There are two contest categories:

    Standard tank category:
    • Registration includes a generous 15-gallon aquarium and equipment package provided by Aqueon, one event t-shirt, and a weekend pass to the Garden Expo all for only $100.
    • 20 available spots
    • Rules: GLAC Standard category rules
    • Prizes for 1st-5th place
    Large tank "Live-Design" category:
    • 6 available spots
    • Submit a photo of an aquascape you have completed as part of your application. Large tank applications are due by November 30th. Applications will be assessed by our application review committee to ensure applicants have a basic understanding of aquascaping concepts. Final selection for the 6 spots will be by random draw of all qualified applicants.
    • Large tank "Live-Design" contestants will be provided with one event t-shirt, 2 weekend Garden Expo passes, a generous 50-gallon aquarium and equipment package provided by Aqueon, a rock and driftwood package provided by Segrest Farms, and a complete plant package provided by Florida Aquatic Nurseries. Large tank "Live-Design" contestants may use no rock, driftwood, or plants other than what is provided to complete their aquascape.
    • There are two registration "tiers" for selected contestants to choose from
      • $100 to compete only (do not keep any of the equipment or aquascaping package) or
      • $250 all inclusive (includes entry, equipment, and aquascaping package)
    • Rules: GLAC Large tank "Live-Design" category rules
    • Prizes for 1st-3rd place

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  2. Vshrimp

    Vshrimp Member

    Large tank competition sounds interesting.
  3. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    OK, everyone! As of 4pm today there were zero people registered for the 15-gallon contest. Please keep in mind there is a very real possibility we may sell out all spots at Aquatic Experience, which starts tomorrow. This forum post is the heads up to club members before we have our big public launch. If you are interested in participating in the aquascaping contest I urge you register!
  4. Dragon159

    Dragon159 Member

    Interested but lacking funds currently.
  5. aquaticclarity

    aquaticclarity Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Are the spots sold out?
  6. tjudy

    tjudy Advisory Board Staff Member

    PLenty of spots are open
  7. Vshrimp

    Vshrimp Member

    What's the prize winnings for both large and small?
  8. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    We will have more information regarding prizes very soon. Hope to see you there again, Vang!
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  9. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    Sorry I took so long with this, guys: Prizes for the Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship will be:

    Large Tank live-design 50g:
    1st $300
    2nd $200
    3rd $100

    Standard Category 15g:
    1st $300
    2nd $250
    3rd $200
    4th $150
    5th $100
  10. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    Deadline to apply for a large tank spot is only 8 days away! November 30th! Don't wait until the last minute! All we need is a photo of an aquascape you've done demonstrating a basic understanding of aquascaping to be in the running for one of the six randomly selected spots!

    Deadline to register for the 15g competition is in 14 days! December 6th! Please register soon, tell your friends! Help us show the public what our club and our hobby is all about!
  11. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    There is only one more day to apply for a spot in the 50 gallon large tank competition! We have fewer applications than spots right now, please apply! The large tank competition will be "live-design" and the plants, rock, and driftwood are all supplied for you! Could it get any more fun or easy? The answer is no. No it could not. Please apply before time runs out!
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  12. Mike F

    Mike F Executive Board

    Your club is putting on an awesome aquascaping competition and we NEED YOUR HELP! Please register for the competition! Come out, support your club, help introduce the public to our hobby! New to aquascaping? There is no better way to learn! Bring the kids, drag in the husband, put together a team, you can do it! Cash prizes, equipment included, event t-shirt included, WPT Garden Expo weekend passes included!

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