C.A.R.E.S. Program details for 2016-2017

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  1. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Hi all,

    We have come up with a design for the CARES program in MAAH for this season. Like our BAP and GARP we will run the CARES year from August to July to stay consist within the club. Below is the program and recognition outline. Please ask questions if you need clarification, I will work on a sticky for submitting species to the CARES program for verification and for sending your data to the CARES committee with the club

    We based the program on a few ideas, Each fish and species is important, Reaching out to others to spread the word about these fish, Teaching each other and others how to care for and propagate these fish. Preaching about successes and why we are concerned about these fish. With these ideas in mind we came up with a system that will hopefully be relatively straightforward and will allow those with minimal space to participate but rigorous enough to properly recognize those who are truly passionate about maintaining these species for generations to come.

    C.A.R.E.S Program 2017-2018
    3 Points (1 for each report) for each C.A.R.E.S. species maintained in sufficient numbers for breeding (population report required 3 times per year, as per worldwide CARES program)
    2 Points for submitting a spawning record per species (available once/ year/ species)- includes all spawning records for a given year (submission month April with population report)
    3 Points for submitting to club auction at least one pair or group of juveniles annually, double points if donated (can be combined with a BAP submission if applicable). Can be earned up to 4 times per year but only once per month.
    5 Points for bringing a new C.A.R.E.S. species to the club auction (never been BAPped or submitted through C.A.R.E.S. program)
    5 Points for sharing fish with other clubs, maybe with speakers who are interested
    3 Points for success of others who got your fish- when someone who receives your fish successfully spawns and submits the first time you receive points because it's about propagating the species and increasing captive populations
    10 Points for breeding or care articles, maybe mimic planet catfish breeding reports
    5 Points for sharing photos/ videos of spawning/ fry development
    20 Points for not known to be bred in captivity C.A.R.E.S species
    10 Points for publishing an article or giving a presentation on a C.A.R.E.S species

    C.A.R.E.S. Program Recognition – 2017-2018
    EACH Level
    CARES Certificate for population maintenance (per species) for the first year, sticker for subsequent years- population reports required
    EACH badge for 5 EACH points earned in a year
    REACH level
    Breeder’s seal for each species bred and submitted, additional stickers for subsequent years
    Plaque awarded for maintaining and breeding (at least one submission per year) a species for 5? Consecutive years
    REACH badge for 10 REACH points earned in a year
    TEACH level
    Expert seal for assisting other aquarists in propagating a CARES species obtained from you
    TEACH badge for 10 TEACH points earned in a year
    PREACH Level
    Trophy for first in captivity breeding of CARES species
    PREACH badge for 20 PREACH points earned in a year
    Yearly coopertition (cooperative competition)
    Award for most verified species maintained (must have submitted or traded at least 1 breeding group for a species to count)
    Award for most breeding groups shared (can be multiples / species)
    Award for most new species obtained (designed to encourage new people to get involved in species maintenance)
    Award for most species not currently being kept in the club brought in
    Award for top points in EACH/ REACH/ TEACH/ & PREACH categories (can only qualify for highest level points are obtained in one level)
  2. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    Is the CARES program completely separate from the BAP program?
  3. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Yes, although if a donated item fits in both categories it would get points in both but not extra in either.
  4. Gar

    Gar Member

    So then do I get points for my 4 L081s I got today? :D I can't stop checking on them!
  5. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Yes, as long as you keep updating population data throughout the year. I will be working on updating the species lists.

    I am the same way when I get a new fish, always watching them!
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  6. Mike F

    Mike F Active Member

    Are there any more specific requirements about the "publishing an article"/ "giving a presentation"? Blog entries, forum posts, and facebook write-ups seem like they have some value, but getting an article published in amazonas, writing a book, presenting to our club as a speaker, or going to a convention and giving a talk is a whole other level of presentation.

    We are probably all aware, "to preach" can mean to earnestly advocate for something, but it is more typically used to refer to religious sermon. It's kinda stuck though if you're going for that rhyming scheme, since there's not much else that rhymes and could be used. You also have publishing an article or giving a presentation on a CARES species as a requirement, which seems very fitting for the top level and it's "preaching" for the conservation of species. So calling it PREACH seems very fitting, but it might turn some people off? Doesn't bother me but just a first impression.

    Are the population reports completed online or done on paper? If they're online it might not be too bad, 3 times a year per species seems a little onerous if it's by paper, but if that's the price to be associated with the CARES organization it's probably worth it.

    Incentivizing sharing between clubs or with speakers at the reach level is a cool idea! If you could design the rules to also incentivize/accomodate multiple people getting together to do box swaps with other clubs that might be a way to accomplish CARES goals and contribute to...coopertition.

    At the REACH level, points for bringing in a CARES fish that hasn't previously been in the club is going to have very few earners considering how many fish have been through our BAP program. It might be more fruitful to enhance the reward for people who establish a CARES group not currently kept in the club. It rewards the same idea of diversifying the CARES species in the club but wouldn't have the diminishing opportunities a "first to the club" system has. Also if a desirable CARES species dissapears from the club it rewards whoever reestablishes the species in the club. Would have to be carefully worded not to encourage people artificially inflating those points by rotating stock with a friend.

    At the TEACH level, awarding points for the success of people who get your fish is a really cool idea! I could see that encouraging mentorship and fellowship. Might get complicated to keep track of but seems like a neat aspect.

    At the TEACH level, you have points for writing a care or breeding article, but also points for getting an article published at the PREACH level. It's an element that makes sense for both levels, but there might need to be greater distinction as to what those requirements are going to be maybe?

    At the TEACH level, points for sharing videos/photos of fry development etc, that seems a little too easy to take advantage of and might encourage spamming. There's definitely value to sharing videos and photos though, maybe some kind of yearly limit to how many points can be earned that way? Maybe integrating the photos/videos points into articles points somehow would enhance the quality of both the videos/photos and the articles?

    When I think "levels" what comes to mind is needing to finish/earn one level before progressing on the next. If I'm reading it right, these levels aren't a progression, but rather different areas of involvement that can be done concurrently or in no specific order? For example someone could earn a PREACH badge each year without having any fish at all if they get enough publishing points. Which sounds like a good option for members with few or no tanks who want to be involved, but it might be more intuitive to call the levels "aspects", "fields", "disciplines", something like that?

    Ideally the program will fund its own awards, what sort of budget do you think the program will bring in? Custom buttons and printed certificates are very affordable on the low end, plaques and trophies will require quite a bit more budget. How do you envision the "badges"?

    I really like the framework you're starting with, it's simple but allows a ton of opportunities to explore different aspects of conservation within the hobby. The simpler and easier it is for members to participate the more people will want to give it a try!
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  7. Mike F

    Mike F Active Member

    Whoops that was quite a wall of text...
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  8. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Mike, thanks for the feedback! As it is the first season there may be some adjustments down the road as we see how it works. I hadn't even considered that the preach level could be attained with out fish! I kinda like that. It is true that they aren't the same type of level you usually see there is a progression, but there may be a better term. I like the thought of cares species not currently in the club and that may be a good revision for next year, this year we have no records yet so I wanted to have something to base it off of. The species records are kept on a club level but each individual would have to submit to the cares chair for reporting. There is a spreadsheet available from the cares website that I have already started. The 3 times yearly comes directly from the cares program and is required of participating clubs. Species verification is done through their website. I probably missed some points since Mike was verbose in his response but I will reread and respond again if needed.
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  9. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    Yes I like simple. I also would like it NOT to be a competition on who spawns the most CARES species. That's what BAP is for. Maintaining a group or couple groups is my goal. Adding to my current group of fish from different sources so I can keep the gene pool strong . Keep species around for a long time so they don't dissapear completely from the hobby. 2 examples enterochromis sp. Red back scraper and yssichromis sp. Blue tipped. Both supposed extinct in nature or at minimal not rediscovered yet. Not kept by a ton of people.
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  10. Mike F

    Mike F Active Member

    Yah it looks good! Like you say, the badge thresholds are pretty low so the incentives are aimed at getting and keeping long term participation without competition, and if you want to recognize more intense involvement you can always adjust or add to the program after you get a feel for how it's going.
  11. Mike F

    Mike F Active Member

    "Mike was verbose is his response"
    Yeah....yeah. I get excited sometimes.
  12. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Nothing wrong with excitement, I'm excited too!

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