February Gadget Contest

Date: 21 February 2015

MAAH’S annual gadget contest

Prizes…Cobalt Canister Filter
What, to encourage the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) spirit MAAH runs an annual contest to bring out new and interesting ideas for fish related themes. Examples of past entries have been DIY glass lids with silicone hinges, egg tumblers for mouthbrooder eggs, egg or fry incubators.

If you want to Submit a Gadget contact Ted (TJUDY on the forum)

Voting on the New Club by-laws.
BAP submissions
Grimey award

Fellowship afterwards at the Great Dane East Side location

January General Meeting – 1/17/2015 Note New Time ….. 1:00 PM


Ashley Smith: Nano Reefs

Ashley’s fish keeping began when she was 3 years old with a betta named Tomato. While growing up her dad always had several fish tanks in the house, as well as 2 ponds outside. In college she kept a small tank in her dorm room and quickly became the go-to person for fish questions.

She decided when she got her first house that it was time to get a big tank with more active and interesting fish she had never had before, and this tank ended up being mostly cichlids. Not long afterwards she took this a step further and picked up a 14 gallon biocube and took a chance on saltwater. Since then she has kept a variety of “salty” tanks with most of them being nanos. Her current setups include an 8 gallon macro/soft coral tank and a 34 gallon reef.

Introduction of New Club by-laws.
BAP submissions
Grimey award

Fellowship afterwards at the Great Dane East Side location

Holiday Potluck Dec 13th 1:00 Pm to 5:00 PM

See http://www.madisonaquatichobby.com/forum/index.php?threads/maah-holiday-party-dec-13th-1-00-pm-to-5-00-pm.6959/ for details.

November MAAH… MAS Fish Bowl!

There will not be a meeting for MAAH in November.  Instead, we are going to go to Milwaukee to support the Milwaukee Aquarium Society’s 2014 Fish Bowl event.  You can get all the details here:  MAS FISH BOWL

Dates:  November 14-16

Location:  New Berlin Alehouse (16000 West Cleveland Ave, New Berlin, WI)


October 18 General Meeting

Where:  Dream Lanes Bowling Alley (13 Atlas Ct., Madison…  near the intersection of Stoughton Rd (Hwy 51) and Cottage Grove Rd.)

When: Doors open at 11:00 AM, meeting starts promptly at 11:30 AM

Cost:  Individuals $5   Families $10   $25 Annual Passes are still available

Speaker Presentation:

Ken Boorman:  Fishes of Australia


Ken, is originally from Australia, but is now living in Chatham, Ontario with his wife Lisa and their daughter Kathleen. Ken has kept fish for around 50 years. A good part of this time he has dedicated exclusively to collect, keep and breed Australia and New Guinea native fishes in his numerous home aquariums. These fish belonging to several families. He has been a member of the Australian New Guinea Fishes Association for many years and is currently the North American co-ordinator for that group. He is also President of the Chatham-Kent Aquarium Society and is active in CAOAC where he is presently Vice President. He will be familiar to many people as the person who operates Lisa’s Lair Bookstore. He is well-read on most aquarium and terrarium subjects.

Also at this meeting:

  • BAP Submissions
  • Grimey Award
  • Mini-auction (if you are planning to sell, please arrive EARLY to check in your items)
  • After-party at Great Dane east side


September General Meeting – 9/20

Location:  Dream Lanes bowling alley (13 Atlas Ct)

**the meeting will be in the room behind the bar this month… turn left just as you come in the front door

Time:  Doors open at 11:00…. meeting starts at 11:30

Cost:  $5 (individual)  $8 (Family)  -  Annual Passes $25

Speaker Presentation by Liz Marchio


Liz has been keeping fish all through childhood but never seriously until 2000. She has worked in every fish-specific aquarium store in Columbus, Ohio where she became involved in the Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts (CAFÉ). During that time she bred and maintained many fish taxa but most notably livebearers, small cichlids, rainbowfish, and shrimp. While living in Columbus she maintained 200+ gallons of aquaria and earned HAP and BAP awards in CAFÉ.

In 2010 she completed her degree in Zoology at Ohio State University then obtained her Masters of Science in 2012 at Southeastern Louisiana University studying Ichthyology. She is now working on her Ph.D. at Texas A&M University. Currently she keeps wild-caught livebearing fishes from the highlands of Mexico.

Liz will be presenting her talk “Fieldwork in Belize” which will cover the ichthyofauna of Belize, and fieldwork for her Master’s degree thesis which included discerning two potential species of Belonesox livebearers. If you’re interested in international fieldwork and taking a peek into the more scientific realm of ichthyology, this talk is not to be missed.

Liz’s current studies are how the public and biological sciences interact. Once her talk is over, feel free to come and tell her your fish-related stories!

Liz’s website is www.lizmarchio.com


  • BAP submissions
  • Grimey award
  • Annual passes are available (only sold through November)
  • Auction

August General Meeting – PLANTS!!!

Date:  August 16

Time:  Doors open at 11:00, meeting starts at 11:30

Location:  Dream Lanes Bowling (13 Atlas Ct., Madison)

Guest Presenter:  Cavan Allen – Collecting Native Aquatic Plants

Cavan Allen is an avid aquatic plant enthusiast who enjoys exploring native habitats, collecting the aquatic plants and acclimating them to aquarium life.  he has added several interesting species to the hobby of planted aquariums.  Cavan will present a talk about his collecting trips, focusing on how to identify, collect and acclimate wild plants.


Cavan will be leading two collecting field trips during his visit for the MAAH and MAS club meetings.

Friday, August 15 – We will be collecting in the Milwaukee area prior to the MAS meeting that evening.  

Sunday, August 17 – We will be collecting in Lake Wingra in Madison in the morning.  

Please see the MAAH forum for details, or contact Ted Judy (tjudy@tedsfishroom.com) for details.

Also at this meeting:

  • BAP submissions
  • Grimey Award
  • Mini-auction

Summer Potluck Picnic – July 19th

Pat Messer will be hosting our annual summer potluck at her house in Jefferson starting at 11:00 a.m. on July 19th.  This is a fun, family friendly event, so come on out and join us!  River fishing is available right across the street (fishing license not required if under 16).   Please RSVP to Pat (fishlady) and respond to the forum thread with the item that you will be bringing for the potluck.  Pat will provide directions after you have RSVP’d.  We hope to see you there!

June 21 – General Meeting of MAAH

Location:  Dream Lanes bowling alley (13 Atlas Court, Madison)

Time:  Doors open at 11:00, meeting starts about 11:30

Speaker Presentation

David Fraguglia:  A Video Tour of Lake Malawi

David has been keeping fish off and on for thirty years. His first tank was a six gallon hex with a couple angel fish and corydoras cats.  From that point on he was hooked. Through the years he’s kept a little bit of everything.  Briefly, he worked in a wholesalers business while in junior high and highschool, furthering his desire to explore the hobby more deeply. Currently he is the editor of the Cichlid Blues a bimonthly magazine of the PCCA, an active member of the American Cichlid Association and travels 3-4 times around the country to conventions and other fish related events. A couple of years ago David had an opportunity to jump on a plane and fly half way around the world and jump into Lake Malawi, how could he pass that up? 

Also at this meeting:

  • Election Results
  • Summer Picnic Planning
  • BAP submissions
  • Auction

May 17 – General Meeting

The next general meeting of the MAAH will take place on Saturday, May 17.  Maybe the Winter will be over by then.

Location:  Dream Lanes (13 Atlas Ct., Madison   Near the intersection of Stoughton Road and Cottage Grove Road)

Time:  Doors open at 11:00.  Meeting starts at 11:30.  Speaker presentation at about 12:30 this month.

Speaker:  Bill Shields – Fish Farming in Florida


Bill Shields, a lifelong aquarium fish hobbyist who started keeping fish at the ripe old age of six, grew up in South Florida in the 1950′s. During his youth, Bill’s entrepreneurial streak had him collecting guppies and mollies from the town park’s pond and trading them with the local fish store for other fish and supplies. After college and various jobs, Bill finally started working “officially” in the pet trade as a salesman, store manager and then, finally, general manager of three Docktor Pet Centers in the Harrisburg, PA area. During this time, an invitation to attend and join the Susquehanna Aquarium Society in 1974 became his formal introduction into the organized portion of the hobby. Not long after joining, he became Vice-President , President, and then member of the Board of the Directors; later he was named Hobbyist of the Year in 1976. After joining the American Killifish Association (AKA) in 1974, he realized he had jumped to the next level of the hobby.

After a hiatus from the pet trade–during which he was an elephant handler and midwife for 37 Asian elephant births– Bill’s avocation became his vocation. His aquarium fish expertise earned him a position as a professional fish breeder at 5 -D Tropical Inc, an ornamental fish production and import/export facility, in Plant City, Florida where he worked from 1995 until retirement in 2010. Finding no organized fish club in Tampa, FL, Bill’s life came full circle as he and eight other fish keepers founded the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society (TBAS; website: tbas1.com ) in 1992. Bill remains active with the TBAS and other hobbyist organizations. He has served on the committees for two national AKA conventions, in 2000 & 2006, as well as the 2009 North American Native Fish Association (NANFA) all held in the Tampa area. In addition, Bill manages the annual Aquarium Beautiful Competition for the Florida State Fair. And as a bucket list trip travelled to Iquitos Peru in 2009 with seven of his long time fish friends .

Also At this meeting

  • Executive Board Elections
  • Grimey Award
  • BAP submissions
  • Mini-Auction
  • After Party at The Great Dane (east side location off of Cottage Grove Road)